Tuva authorities asked the FFA again sent 100 paratroopers

Tuva authorities asked the Federal Forestry Agency to send back to the region 100 paratroopers to fight forest fires, the number of which is growing, according to the Republican government.

According to the District Department of Forestry, in Tuva on Monday are nine forest fires in the area of 1.6 hectares. The forest fire situation is under control, there is no threat to human settlements.

"The average temperature in the region is expected between 35 and 49 degrees in July. Precipitation forecast below normal. This will lead to the fifth — extremely high — class fire danger across most of the country. By submitting to FFA for an additional allocation from the Federal Reserve 100 paratroopers parachute "- said in a statement.

FFA in the early and mid-June to Tuva sent two divisions totaling nearly 180 paratroopers. Now the region has 50 of them, the others were transferred to other regions.

Since June 6, emergency treatment is available throughout the country. In early June, Tove complicated situation with forest fires in the region, there were 14 fires at once on more than 6000 acres. When extinguishing fires killed eight Tuvan paratroopers. Cause of death of firefighters, according to the commission FFA, was a confluence of adverse weather circumstances: dry storm and suddenly a strong gust gusty wind.

Extinguishing fires now works 117 people, seven pieces of fire equipment, two air cushion.

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