TV host Nikolay Drozdov Bryansk handed the award for Ecological projects

Chairman of the global environmental movement "Living Planet", a famous TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov handed Bryansk Global Eco Brand Award for the successful implementation of projects related to overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl accident.

As noted by Drozdov, 2013 officially declared the year of the environment. In this respect, international environmental award established Global Eco Brand. The essence of the project — to identify companies and organizations, as well as subjects of the Russian Federation, where the issues of environmental safety at the heart of.

Bryansk became the first city to international environmental award the prize in the nomination "For the implementation of environmental and social projects."

"Over the past few years, according to eyewitnesses, the efforts of the city and the area has been done a lot of work to overcome the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, dramatically increased planting of the regional center," — said Drozdov.

According to the expert council Global Eco Brand, Bryansk was named one of the best Russian cities, where much work on gardening and the introduction of "green technologies."

As told in the press conference, the administration of the region, there is the idea of spending in Bryansk ecological marathon like the one that took place on 29 November in the RIA Novosti news agency, and gathered more than 200 participants and 38 speakers. In the environmental talk show could participate in absentia residents nearly five dozen countries.

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