Typhoon danger declared in East Military District

Signal "typhoon hazard" is declared in the sea area of the Eastern Military District (OIE), told reporters on Tuesday, head of the press service of the TSB Colonel Alexander Gordeev.

Typhoon "Bolaven" originated in the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, it has already reached the southern Japan and goes to the Korean Peninsula. On Saturday, the wind speed at the center of disaster reached 70 meters per second, the wave height was 10 meters. The last time this figure was recorded in 1956. Weather Service of the Russian Far East, the active monitor the movement of Typhoon "Bolaven", which is rapidly moving to the north.

The influence of the typhoon is expected in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories, the Jewish Autonomous Region and southern areas of the Amur region in the period from 28 to 31 August, and in Sakhalin, Magadan and Kamchatka region — from August 30 to September 1. Meteorologists are predicting strong torrential rain, stormy winds of 20-25 meters per second, with gusts up to 35 meters per second or more. In addition, there may be a sharp rise in the water level in the rivers to dangerous levels.

"Due to the growing threat of typhoon" Bolaven "in the sea area TSB announced signal" typhoon danger "advance taken to the shelter and divergence ships typhoon. Equipment and manpower prepared for operations in storm conditions," — said Gordeev.

According to him, in the units deployed TSB operational groups that monitor the situation in real time, and also carry out regular interaction with local authorities and law enforcement agencies.

Command units were given instructions to carry out a set of measures envisaged in the event of natural hazards. These measures are aimed at ensuring the safety and security of military weapons and equipment.

Held alert all personnel and the population of military garrisons, under constant surveillance of the typhoon approached.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation because of "Bolaven" led all forces in the Far East on high alert.

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