Typhoon helped extinguish all wildfires in Khabarovsk

 Typhoon "Bolaven" held at the Khabarovsk Territory on Thursday, helped extinguish the forest protection staff all wildfires in the region, so on Friday of forest fires in the province do not have, the website of the regional government.

It is noted that at the beginning of the passage of a cyclone in the north-eastern edge of the forest there were 11 fires, most of which was localized.

"With the onset of rains during the day we were able to complete the six immediately extinguish fires and to locate others. Prevented the emergence of new weather. So yesterday we were able to focus and dotushit all fires," — said the head of the safety and protection of forest resources Forest Management Government Territory Sergei Butin .

It is noted that fighting the fire were 180 employees forest protection and 32 pieces of equipment.

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