U.S. Forces will acquire 10 aircraft Be-200 in option for night flights

U.S. Forces will acquire 10 aircraft Be-200 in option for night flightsThe U.S. military wants to purchase from RF 10 amphibians The Be-200 in the version for night flights, ARMS-TASS reported. The final decision to sign the contract for the purchase of the Party Be-200 will be made after the aircraft in 2013, will accept the role of naval forces in the exercise of a special mission, carried out by one of the bases of the U.S. Navy in Florida. These exercises will accept the role of frogmen from the U.S. Navy and the Russian Navy. This was stated by a representative of the military-industrial complex.

According to him, the cabin Be-200 at the time of the joint US-Russian exercises will be specially adapted for night vision goggles. On the adaptation of the lighting equipment cabin Be-200 is given for one year.

Amphibious aircraft Be-200 is manufactured by "Irkut" which at the current time passes the creation of this machine to its subsidiary — Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Production Complex (TANPK) Beriev name.

Plane still gained only Russian Emergency Situations Ministry. In true while in the Emergency fleet has 6 Be-200ES. Four aircraft were received before 2010. In 2010 , the Russian government has decided to purchase the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry has 8 Be-200ES, two of which were delivered to the customer in 2011 Other 6 Be-200ES will be transferred to the Ministry for 2013-2014. Regular plane In 2008, Azerbaijan's Ministry of Emergency Situations was raised.

Is actively marketing the aircraft on the world market, which has been named after Beriev TANPK.

As previously said the vice president of marketing for international growth and the euro group EADS Lionel Champeaux, which currently being led by EADS consulate in Russia, after the September 2010 Euro Type Certificate Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Concern, in cooperation with Russian spices decides to do more to promote the aircraft on the world market.

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