U.S. forces will begin to evaluate attack helicopters AH-64D Blok.3 Apache in April

U.S. forces will begin to evaluate attack helicopters AH-64D Blok.3 "Apache" in April

TSAMTO. Delivered new U.S. Army attack helicopters AH-64D Block.3 "Apache" will be held in April of tests at the State Training Centre (NTC). As expected, the decision to start their mass production will be taken at the end of 2012.
According to "Jane's Defence Weekly", the program tests in the NTC will include a simulation of possible operations against the enemy, who will lead and asymmetric mixed martial acts. During scheduled for April helicopters version of events Block.3 held initial operational test and evaluation.

The new version is armed with more powerful T700-701D engines of "General Electric" with the digital control modes, the latest box, improved avionics, composite rotor blades, allowing the helicopter to transport an additional payload and doing high-altitude flight in the hot criteria.

Management of unmanned aerial vehicles will be the main feature of the helicopters "Apache" Block.3. The availability of data from the UAV control of their flight and the payload will also be tested during the exercise.

As expected, the planned set of tests will allow the U.S. DoD to the end of 2012 to determine readiness AH-64D "Apache" Blok.3 for serial production.

At the current time, "Boeing" has transferred U.S. Army helicopter modification 9 Block.3 as part of the October 2010 agreement on the establishment of small-scale, providing for the supply of 51 machines.

Overall, in 2026 the South American army wants to get the latest version of the 690 helicopters.

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