UFO saved us from the Apocalypse?



Aliens are very close to us. Unidentified flying objects seen for millions of people, there are hundreds of thousands of photos and videos. And there are places that particularly attracts UFOs.

Giant UFO near Fukushima, Japan April 12, 2011




Why all the major disasters that threaten the lives of tens or even hundreds of thousands of people, are always accompanied by flying a UFO?

Ufologists already know exactly simple rule. Do you want to remove UFO — do shots where there was a striking, tragedy. And you certainly commit the glowing ball in the sky. Perhaps not even one.

Take, for example, Chernobyl. That is, when "Star Wormwood" straight on "Apocalypse" Revelation fell for the third part of the waters, in the second half of the night on April 26 1986. a lot of people saw in the sky "something." It was a huge ball of brass-colored. Its dimensions were about 6 to 8 meters in diameter. He hung directly above the burning fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

According to the testimony of many witnesses, this is the ball stopped a powerful emission of radiation. This ball caught the eye of a group of monitoring team who came to measure the radiation dose in the emergency unit. Senior dosimetrist of group M Varitsky managed to fix the level of rentgenizlucheniya before and immediately after the fire in the sky lit by a mysterious world. If the arrow is just to come down to the last level of the jackals of the dosimeter, then a few minutes after you get stuck on a glowing UFO reactor, the radiation dose reduced to three thousand micro-roentgen per hour.

Then something happened and did incredible. Brass ball sent two crimson beam directly into the epicenter of a nuclear explosion. And after a few minutes dosimeter already showed only eight micro-roentgen. Dosimetrists were witnessing a unique phenomenon. UFO literally swallowed the powerful energy of a nuclear explosion.

It turns out that if it had not appeared in time to help the UFO, the victims would be in the tens or even hundreds of times more? Then, in the right of way has got about five hundred towns, villages and hamlets. And without bail raid UFO in it could be thousands of villages and cities. It was not only a zone of Ukraine, Belarus and the Bryansk region of Russia.

Evacuate residents would have of the Kaliningrad region, Lithuania, and Latvia.

The radioactive cloud would cover his shadow the whole of Europe, starting with Poland and the Scandinavian countries, and slowly spreading to Germany, France and Italy. This would mean that the prophecy of St. John the Divine completely fulfilled — the third part of the waters, the Baltic Sea, as well as the rivers and lakes of Europe would have been the victims of a global ecological catastrophe. Fish, amphibians, snails, even waterfowl would have died within a few weeks to several months. This water would be unfit for drinking, domestic and industrial needs. Mega-cities of Europe would be faced with the global problem of water shortage. Of course, this deal would not stop there. Death by radiation would have come to the forests, fields and towns.

But from a global catastrophe Europe saved only six-meter ball of unknown origin. Mass destruction did not happen. Even more, many of those who remained in the right of way, did not die from radiation sickness. Some died of old age, and many did not want to give up their homes, not only alive now, but feel healthy. Many residents of the villages (that they basically refused to leave), still have their own orchard and garden, go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries, keep livestock. Everything in their life is almost as before. Is that the plant world has changed for the better. Trees, bushes, grass, all the radiation is growing by leaps and bounds, sometimes reaching gigantic proportions.

Not a regular raids UFO contribute to the fact that the exclusion zone is not turned into a dead world? After the Chernobyl nuclear power plant became the site of regular raids UFO. Sometimes they can be seen with the naked eye, sometimes strange spherical objects appear only in the photo. For example, there was a press photographer with image B. Charvana. Generally, he has fallen off the roof of the reactor was shooting for the newspaper "Echo of Chernobyl." Unknown object in a picture emerged only later.

Such images, similar to those that did Charvan have accumulated a lot, but the official science exhibits rare lack of interest in these facts.

At the same time, long known ufologists strange interest that the UFO experience to all the sites that have something to do with radiation.

For example, the UFO seen over not only Chernobyl. They repeatedly intersect and exploded over the Fukushima-1. With the explosion of the nuclear plant, scientists forecast a global environmental catastrophe that was to affect Oceania, Australia, New Zealand and the western United States. But that did not happen, although the Japanese nuclear power plant, a series of explosions.

And at the same time, the Internet was flooded with numerous videos, recorded numerous "strange objects" over Fukushima. They seemed to especially fly it on Fukushima. Immediately, speculation arose in UFO — UFO went there specifically to defuse another hotbed of radiation contamination. And all the evidence that they succeeded.

UFO world-renowned Robert Hastings, having spent numerous studies unequivocally confirmed — UFOs are of particular interest to the centers of nuclear power. And, according to his assumptions, they are specifically watching our armed forces.

This is his opening to the fact long known fact for Russian ufologists. UFO M. Yeltsin, who was president SAKUFONa (organization that studies the UFO in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan), has repeatedly noted — UFO consistently appear in those places, where the nuclear tests, or mined uranium. Thus, during the Soviet tests were conducted at the test site at Semipalatinsk, and MS Yeltsin had numerous testimonies of those who have seen — at the time of the next explosion hangs above the ground, "a plate". Sometimes on the ground near Semipalatinsk flew the whole squadron of alien ships. The local people, the simple shepherds, so used to them that are considered commonplace.

A similar was observed in neighboring Kyrgyzstan. This republic in the Soviet Union considered pantry uranium. It was mined there on a commercial scale for the needs of the entire nuclear industry in the Soviet Union. There were built special camps and settlements, Miley-Say Susamyr, Kara-Balta, Kaji-Say, Min-Kush, which were home to those who have somehow been associated with uranium mining. From the beginning, developments in these environments are regularly go and see a UFO. Now the local region have declined, and uranium mining stopped, but there are uranium "tails."

And UFO still come here, becoming a commonplace phenomenon already. Especially this town is famous for Kaji-Say. It is located in the resort area, on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. And many tourists can watch the side of the town all night scurrying UFO. "It seems that they have there base is to refuel fly. I counted at night is not less than twenty, scurried back and forth, "- says Andrey Bobrov tourist. No less often seen UFOs and Susamyr. They often see the shepherds and tourists. Sometimes UFO suddenly appear in a picture of mountains or rivers.

And those who live in such places, and knows about UFOs predilection for uranium deposits, does not believe in the fact that they come with a life-saving mission. Considered easier — to refuel. Steal gratuitous and orphan energy.

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