Ukraine has declared a storm warning

Weather Center warns of worsening weather conditions in Ukraine, February 11-15.

As reported in the weather, due to the movement of the cyclone from southern Scandinavia expected worsening of weather conditions: February 11, in the west, during February 12-13, the country is expected to snow and sleet, snow storms, wind gusts 15-22 m / s, Carpathian highlands and mountains of Crimea 25-30 m / s, in the afternoon on February 12 in the Crimea and Azov places heavy precipitation.
February 13 is expected to decrease in the temperature of 5-10 degrees, 14-15 February, will continue further cooling by night to -11 … -17 C at night to -6 … -12 degrees to the east and north of the left bank of the night -20. .. -25 C at night, -11 … -16 degrees in the Carpathians, in the Transcarpathian region and Crimea night is expected -8 … -14 C at night, -2 … -8 degrees.

On the roads, warns Hydrometeorological expected sleet.

As reported today, 10 February, announced a storm warning Weather Center throughout Ukraine.

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