Underground base in the bottom of the well

November 7, 2012 5:22

Underground base in the bottom of the well

In a dilapidated church, which stands in one of the "bear parts" of Estonia, is a fresco, which depicts a "flying saucer." And the locals have long been a legend that says that this approach can not be a black spot for a mile and even more so — to build a home near …

The story began 16 years ago on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. The boy, who lives there, insisted that the night talking to aliens, and even sketched some of what he saw: an unusual remote control aircraft, spaceships look and servicing bio-robots. All of this can be attributed to the child's imagination, if not one pattern: ordinary farmhouse with Combining, and under the house — the subject, the contours of which are already very similar to aircraft aliens — "plate." Erwin Klaas, the 11-year contactee, claimed: "This is an interplanetary spaceship! He is here, nearby, in Estonia … "

And the place is reported by the Al-tasting, ufologists were found!

By the time the home of one of the residents of settlements near Tallinn Virgo Mitt, is not the first strange things happen: she is moving pans, footsteps and strange knocks in the basement alone lighted bulbs. It would have wondered if his family, what is it, knocking on unexplained phenomena antics brownie, if not … well. Ordinary well that Mitt decided to dig in his yard.

At first all went well. But suddenly rattled the metal shovel. "GOLD" — Virgo thought at first, but attempts to dig up the precious discovery failed. It was a plate that did not end …

Hours and days of crushed stubborn peasant unexpected obstacle, but to no avail. Only a week away with him the greatest difficulty drilled in the slab is sufficient for the well bore. The water was rising. On the history and would have ended if the Virgo did not leave a souvenir from a half-dozen pieces of the ill-fated plate.

He once told a friend came to visit, a chemist by profession, an unusual story with a well. He took a few fragments of plates in Tallinn Polytechnic Institute. A few more years and one day to the fragment touched one of the staff of the Institute. In an instant, followed by stroke, like a powerful electric discharge, and patient engineer, who lost consciousness and otletevshego a few meters away, had to be hospitalized. From that day began a series of experiments.

People react to the piece of metal in different ways: some felt nothing, someone powerful zapped, others felt the vibration, and several people deep burns …

The latest chemical research methods are not known to science metal showed that it contains 38 elements of the periodic table, many of which in nature are never found together. And most importantly, at the present level of development of science and technology, this alloy has not joined any laboratory in the world can not be obtained?

By the way, the water from the "anomalous" the well proved to be extremely tasteless, nausea, and the well had to go to sleep. And then something strange began to happen. On all sides of the village to the place where he was to dig a well, began to gather … cats! They came from all around, and lay for hours on this "patch" (as well as for the cats pathogenic zone — that valerian!). With people at least a few minutes to a constant in "epicenter", has also become something inexplicable going on: they started falling teeth and hair, deteriorating vision, inflamed maxillary sinus, held for months without a strong state of weakness.

But most of all from his terrible find suffered by the owner at home. He could not walk for several years he lay motionless, and then died.

However, the story is black spot is not over. First experimental test was made impact D-field (under that code name being studied) group of special military Defense Research Institute. At a depth of six meters in the ground found two metal object in the shape of an ellipse, and other items, details of which were not disclosed (their weight was determined at about 200 tons). However, research on the abnormal area will be over soon, participants excavations began to get hit in the stomach strange "green triangle" appears from the wall of the well. Blows were so severe, that people lost consciousness for several hours, but most importantly, on their bodies had terrible stigma — carefully burnt through clothing diamonds!

… In the next three years died, many of those who were in part to the secret study of the D-field (7 people out of 12) went missing all the documents related to this case, and metal samples.

In the end, "plate" or "probe" (scientists have not agreed what is this?) Left alone. After all, as the object hit the ground (this happened about X-XI centuries) and how it can respond to our invasion, no one knows. In a dilapidated church, which stands in a godforsaken corner of Estonia, is a fresco, which was very clearly displayed "flying saucer." And the locals have long been the legend, which says that this approach can not be a black spot for half a kilometer, and even more so — to build homes there. And if the "plate" into the light of God, supposedly a catastrophe …

In UFO in this regard — their version. One of them is this: this and like it, but have not yet discovered, objects lurking quite deep under the ground, not unique and are called upon in the event of nuclear war (ie — the explosion), neutralize around all the implications. There is another assumption: many sightings and fast-NGOs (unidentified submerged objects) say that a dense environment for them is not a hindrance. Somehow, they are free to walk through dense structures, and even have the properties come and go.

Another version suggests that the alien probe has also played a role generator, adjustment, among other others, psychic field of the Earth.

The famous Estonian … psychic and healer Witold Anne after all "experiments" found objects, as well advised to sleep well, and even the specific dates. So they did. At the time when the first bucket of sand fell into the pit, there was a deafening explosion. Government efforts to investigate the cause or to have failed: in the district did not have any damage or abnormal manifestations. The military also puzzled shrug.

In the late 1990s, anomalous zone tried to examine a group of Japanese scientists, but all the wells that are drilled, they instantly filled with a dark water with a sharp odor. And then transpired very curious fact permit for surveying the Estonian government did not give them, and researchers from overseas had to get out.

In recent years, the hype surrounding the unusual findings subsided somewhat, but to put an end to this question yet. Every year death trap collects their deadly toll. So this story is still unfinished …

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