Unexplained mysteries of the worlds oceans

January 20, 2012 18:09

The ocean has always attracted people, even though it is not his element. However, certain mysteries of water just do not have an explanation. How many times in the ocean disappearing ships, boats, aircraft, there were fatal whirlpools, there are huge waves, as well as unusual glowing circles on the water. Particular areas are the focus of unexplained events, they attract people, in spite of great danger.

The Bermuda Triangle

Ocean region, whose area is about one million square miles, bounded by a line arbitrarily Florida — Bermuda — Puerto Rico — Bahamas — Florida. First mysterious cases of missing people and vehicles have been recorded here in the 40 years of the twentieth century. Thus, the bombers "Avenger" in the amount of 5 pieces disappeared in the sector December 5, 1945-year. In this case, the pilots until the last moment to keep in touch with base and said that they can not target and immersed in the "white water." Seaplane sent to rescue pilots disappeared just as the bombers. In just fifty years, there were cases of disappearance of more than 50 ships and aircraft. However, since the 80-ies of the last century, Bermuda considerably tempered appetite.
Analysts, scientists and ordinary dreamers tried to explain the nature of this unusual phenomenon. Nominated fantastic and polunauchnye Version: aliens, a giant octopus, otherworldly forces. However, Joseph Monaghan, a scientist from Monash University, Australia, has put forward one of the most plausible theories. American Journal of Physics in 2003 published his article entitled: "The bubble can swallow the ship?" Modeling the various options, he argued that such an alternative is possible. Theory has been a great response from other scientists.
It is this. The ocean floor is considerably rich in hydrogen sulfide and methane (gas hydrates). Because of the mobility of the lithospheric plates, methane changes physical state from solid to gas and rises to the surface, churning the water. As a result, the density of water drops, ships can go to the bottom, and the aircraft — to lose control.
There is another phenomenon typical of Bermuda. This is the "Flying Dutchman": a full ship on which there was not a single person, as if someone had stolen it. Scientists believe that this could result in infrasound. It can create gas bubbles as they emerge from the water to the surface. 8.12 Hz is very dangerous and harmful for humans. There is another version of education infrasound. It can appear in high winds or storm by air friction on the sea waves.
That infrasound makes people panic attacks, as well as internal resonance, which leads to the rupture of blood vessels and the heart. It is possible that the team itself jumped overboard to get rid of this feeling. But the explanation for why some 30 years ago in Bermuda were to deny themselves the pleasure of "swallow" large objects has yet been found. A scientist, as Lawrence David Kusche believes that secrets never existed. She invented the people themselves. He even wrote a book, "The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle", published in 1975, to confirm the viability of the idea.
He was the first person to systematically examine the issue, having studied the weather report, the Coast Guard reports, reports of insurance companies and official investigations. However, his conclusions are somewhat questionable, because the facts of the anomalously large disappearances of ships and aircraft in the area supported by the statistics. There are other features: at this point compasses go crazy and do not work correctly.
Another unusual detail — is the force of gravity. In Bermuda, it is much higher than in other parts of the earth. Due to such features formed Gulf Stream, bringing warm air to Europe. Reducing the number of unexplained accidents, loss and disappearance of scientists explain the proper condition of modern technology. It is equipped with a variety of navigation systems, including space that allows you to recover lost control of the aircraft or ship.

Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea, which lies to the southeast of the Bermuda Triangle, is often confused with its northern neighbor. According to some scientists, all the mysteries of Bermuda can find your answers is in the Sargasso Sea. But the local phenomena are completely different, though no less mysterious. This sea is located in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is bound to the name of unusual features of the square. The fact is that the currents are moving in a clockwise direction and in the area of the sea was a large concentration of Sargasso weed and debris left by the man.
Forming a huge funnel, a sea of their lives, a very special life. Internal temperature of the sea is much higher elsewhere. Everything is calm now celebrated as crews say unusual mirages. They say that the sun rises from two of the world. It spawns many species, and the area is a seismic threat. Previously, there were drunken legend that the local people eat the algae, but now with this just laugh. However, Richard Sylvester, a scientist known West Australian University, suggested that in itself is a huge Sargasso Sea centrifuge. It creates small eddies, which reach up to the Bermuda Triangle. Small cyclones, where water and air are moved around, to be sufficient to absorb the person.

Devil's Sea

Area that has received less poetic name, is located in the Pacific: a hundred kilometers from Tokyo, then — to the northern Philippine Islands, and the last point of the island of Guam. Although no area is designated on the maps, the sailors try to stay away from him. The fact that there is often arise spontaneously storm, after which once born dead calm. It is impossible to meet dolphins, whales, birds do not fly. In the early 50's in just five years it has disappeared without a trace nine ships at once. One of the most inexplicable cases occurred in 1955, when the entire scientific expedition gone under the name "Kale-maru-5."
It is noted here and high seismic activity. The bottom of the district has not yet emerged on the surface of volcanic islands are constantly emerging, and others — are disappearing. It is for this reason that the sudden loss of ships due to poor navigation. However, there are scientists who believe that high cyclonic activity has caused the disappearance of ships. The area marked by extremely powerful typhoons, cyclones that occur in the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Islands in the South China Sea and other areas nearby. They all pass through the Devil's Sea, turning the area into a difficult place to move around.

Cape of Good Hope

Near the South African coast is the area known as the Straits of Good Hope (Cape of Storms). He anciently considered a hazard to navigation, because many courts have found here their doom. The main cause of the tragedy — it's changeable weather, as well as "killer waves", which are called keyprollerami. This gross waves, which travel along the surface of the water like a skating rink.
Their height can be 30 meters and above. Huge and massive education, they result to the formation of several coherent waves. Their height is the sum of the two waves, and due to the huge amounts of energy, such waves can travel great distances. The collision with other waves, even with our peers, they do not change shape. Accordingly, before the wave is formed as a giant cavity. Waves in the Strait of Good Hope, the most murderous and destructive of its kind reported in the world.

The Persian Gulf and the eastern Indian Ocean

The area marked as unusual and unexplained phenomena: huge circles that glow on the water and rotate. Once they explained the origin of the theory of Kurt Kalle oceanographer from Germany. He noted that these circles can appear as a result of various underwater earthquakes, which occur due to the natural glow of plankton. As the shock waves are placed in all directions, the effect of glowing wheels, rotating about its axis.
But now the hypothesis is controversial, because it does not explain many things, why the "wheel" rotate and change shape. That is the correct form of underwater glowing circles tends to suggest that it could be a UFO. Rotation speed is enormous, and sometimes people say and the appearance of rays: very similar to aircraft.

Whirlpool of the Maelstrom

Maelstrom — is a whirlpool, which has a modest scale, but the sailors it is the thrill and horror. Here, too, disappeared small vessels, disappearing into the depths of the ocean. Whirlpool appears two times a day in the Norwegian Sea, the Bay West fjord on the north-west of Norway. This vortex is known from "The Descent into the Maelstrom," which Poe wrote in 1841, the year. He talked about the destructive forces of nature. Inside the crater formed depressions that many meters below sea level. In this maelstrom of energy within ten times more than a normal flow.
Marked by the fact that once in a hundred days swirl motion is reversed. Of course, a natural phenomenon is not unique in its kind. It is also noted in other parts of the world, including in Bermuda. If there are no obstacles, in the northern hemisphere are whirlpools will rotate counter-clockwise, and in the South — in time, due to the motion of the Earth.
However, in this area, due to uneven floor, flowing, natural slope and other variables may change over.

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