USA: Oklahoma recorded the strongest earthquake in state history

Earthquake in Oklahoma, recorded late at night on November 5, local time, was the strongest in the history of the American state. According to some data the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), its magnitude was 5.6 (previously cited figure 5.2). Prior to that, says Reuters, was considered the most significant earthquake in 1952. a magnitude of 5.5.

According to the latest information, no one was hurt, but some of the buildings a distinct crack. Residents report that many homes were falling small objects broken glass, and people thought that now they will drop ceiling. In addition, emergency services reported the destruction of a section of the highway Highway 62, which crosses the county east of Lincoln, Oklahoma City. The police reported that they had received a lot of calls, but most people just wanted to share my impressions, after the earthquake in Oklahoma are considered rare.

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