V.Tsygankov: It is unrealistic to all 11 candidates collected signatures

October 29 to complete the collection of signatures for nomination of presidential candidates. 11 candidates said they have collected the required number — one hundred thousand signatures. This Kastusyou Gregory, Alexander Lukashenko, Ales Mikhalevich, Nyaklyayeu, Pravalski Vladimir, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Vitaly Rymashevsky, Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich, Viktor Tereshchenko and Dmitry Uss.

The results of this stage of the election campaign, analyzes our commentator Vitaly Tsigankov.

BushlyakovVitaly, possible evaluate the petition does not raise doubts information supplied by initiative groups of applicants?

Tsigankov: To be honest, it is very difficult to believe that all 11 candidates actually collected 100,000 signatures. It is clear that all they really passed the appropriate number of signatures, but the question is, how realistic are these signatures. By analyzing the experience of collecting signatures for the last election campaign, it can be assumed that virtually inconceivable that the initiative group, which has several hundred members, to achieve the same results as a group of two thousand people. Mention should be made in 2001, when the well-known politicians such as Kalyakin CHigir, Kozlovsky, were unable to raise a hundred thousand votes, or 2006, when the entire democratic asset only worked for two Democratic candidates. The number of opposition activists this time will not significantly increase the popularity of the opposition, too, so that information about the signatures do not look very convincing.

The question is, how realistic are these signatures …

Yesterday I was talking with activists of the initiative group of one of the serious candidates, and they even expressed some outrage that has 11 teams declared the signatures. In the opinion of political activists, in fact, really a hundred thousand signatures collected only a few groups have used various other manipulations and violations.

Bushlyakov: From this point of view it is interesting how the proposed power that obviously knows the exact position of things. In your opinion, how many candidates will register power?

Tsigankov: So far, the government acts according to the so-called "liberal script" so prevalent among analysts is an opinion that will register all candidates to turn the election into a farce certain that against the background of a lot of different quality candidates Alexander Lukashenko looked like the only serious politician.

The power is still not very keen to turn the election into a farce …

However, I think that the government will not register the most ridiculous of applicants who are not nearly passed the required number. The power is still not very keen to turn the election into a farce. At this stage, they still want to show that not only has taken its course, to show that it is monitoring the situation. However, the most prominent opposition leaders, it looks like today will be registered — largely to opposition candidates was more difficult as it is possible to choose a single candidate.

And one more remark. It is obvious that Lukashenka himself has already decided who to his chief opponent. Several times in his remarks he mentioned Vladimir Neklyaeva, in their traditional manner without calling, but, of course, his family, and to put it indirectly ("pismenniki not pismenniki, poets, poets do not — tell me what you have done over this period of time" ). So it is clear which candidate he takes more seriously the others.


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