Vehicles equipped with the Voronezh systems GLONASS

At the beginning of March, the GLONASS satellite navigation system has been installed on 950 buses Voronezh. Prior to April 1 of this year, will equip its rolling stock by 100%.

Installing the GLONASS system will monitor the location of buses, their speed, fuel consumption. Believe in the mayor's office of Voronezh, the introduction of satellite equipment and have a positive impact on the safety of passengers.

Bus — the main form of public transport in Voronezh. In the spring of 2009 to almost a million in his final departure committed tram — for 70 years, the main carrier of passengers. Authorities considered this form of transport unprofitable hindering road traffic and harmful effects on the environment. Together with the trams stopped running almost trolley — currently there are about ten trolleybus routes. Every day on the streets of the city go 1.3-1.4 thousand buses.

The costs of installing the system GLONASS to all 1.9 million passenger buses will take the company-owners and private owners routes. According to the press service of the Voronezh city hall, the cost of one set of satellite equipment — from 20 to 25 thousand rubles

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