Version: The world elite are preparing for December 21, 2012


On 21 December a lot of controversy. Someone hit in the chest and screaming that it's all nonsense, someone says the opposite, and some slowly begins purchased all neobhodimym.Ne laugh, rich people in the world, if you add up their investments have already invested more than $ 10 billion in bunkers and other shelters in the event of the end of the world in 2012 godu.V work schedules of almost all the heads of states and governments of many non-working days appeared window and departures from December 20.

Bunker Putin, Mount Yamantau

It is only strange that the leaders of the world powers do not give any comments about the proposed cataclysm, although their actions can determine their plans.

Take, for example, the schedule of holidays Parliament of England, which is published on their official website. This year, the first time they have broken their schedule and go on holiday from 20 December 2012 to 7 January 2013. Although the official Christmas is celebrated from December 25. By the way, in London since last year began to take seriously the subject and began to build bunkers, and repair shelters of the Cold War, in preparation for December 21.

I remember the events of last year, when the work schedule of many European governments, schedule of events for the United Nations since September 25 have been declared breaks. The same is repeated on 20 December of this year.

Meanwhile, the mass of the various corporations (including such as "Coca-Cola") in the same day — September 26-28 — conducted workshops in the same city — Denver. In the Denver hotels reservation mass was observed.

And since September 27, held in Denver, "testing" underground bunker with U.S. President Obama.

There is a lot of information that under the Denver airport is built not just the bunker, and a great city to shelter the "world elite" in the case of global cataclysms.

From the media know that from 18 December this year, in Denver expected repeat of the situation last year, and the influx of elite and VIP-persons.

Recently, Head of Olympic Committee of Russia Alexander Zhukov invited Vladimir Putin to the test event in December. However, what number did not elaborate. All have heard a lot about that in Sochi very badly things with the construction of Olympic facilities, and so analysts have suggested that this is not the place for the competition in 2014, and a potential haven for the world's elite in the case of global cataclysms. It is possible that Mr. President did not go there to enjoy the scenery of the Sochi resort and wait out the period of possible disaster.

And by the way this does not mean that descending in Sochi can not be in sorrow Yamantau.

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