Vietnam wants to have a bulwark

Vietnam wants more "Bastion"Vietnam is in talks with Russia to purchase additional PBRK K-300P "Bastion-P", reported Jane's Defence Weekly, with reference to the Vietnam News Agency. It is expected that the number of complexes unnamed "Bastion-P", which will be delivered to Vietnam in 2014, will be acquired by the Russian loan.

Hanoi ordered the unknown number of complexes "Bastion-P" in 2005, deliveries began in 2009, according to the publication. "Bastion-P" is developed Russian "NPO Machine Building", the missiles are made on "Arrow". Belarusian "Tehnosoyuzproekt" with "NGOs engineering" is responsible for the development and creation of mobile launchers and transport-charging machines.

Regular Vietnamese order systems "Bastion-P" is, in the views of Jane's, the most recent on this day that the state procurement systems in place to protect its marine resources and the most freshest agreement with Russia.

Procurement for the People's Naval Forces Vietnam the main concern in the development of Russian art and include six diesel-electric podlolok class Kilo (pr 636), the first of which must be delivered in 2015-16., additional high-speed patrol boats of class "Firefly" (Project 1041.2) and two class frigate "Cheetah" (Project 11661), the second of which is obtained by Vietnam at the end of July 2011

In addition, in 2009 the People's Naval Forces Vietnam in Russia ordered eight Su-30MK2, and in May 2010 — 6 amphibious aircraft manufactured in Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400. Vietnam Marine Police — the Coast Guard, which is part of the Navy-purchased from Airbus Military Concern three light transport aircraft C-212-400, the first of which was delivered in July.

After the session, the National Assembly of Vietnam's 13th convocation August first Defence Minister General Phung Quang Thanh said that this military modernization is seen as valuable in light of the government's commitment to secure its interests in the South China Sea — a region where Vietnam has bolshennymi resources, particularly oil and gas, and where China is increasing its own military capability by building a submarine base on Hainan peninsula.

Relations between the countries with 2 heating up even more because of disputes about belonging Paracel Islands in the South China Sea and the demarcation of maritime borders in the entrance to the Gulf of Tonkin.

General Thanh said: "We are led to militarysea Fleet Services sea Police and Border Guard as a major force to protect our sovereignty and maritime security [in the South China Sea]. We have to protect the territorial sovereignty … [And] Vietnamese Navy must have good relations with adjacent countries to jointly maintain the safety of the sea. "

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