Vitaly Matsukevich. Portrait against a lattice

We were not familiar with Vitali in ordinary life. Perhaps I never would have known about this man, if not December 19, 2010. Vitaly today — this is another political prisoner in the country. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

The fate of this guy's very sad. Back in February, when Vitali was on the loose, some bloggers have published information that he is an employee of the KGB, was even given a nasty nickname — the "red nose", posted some pictures where, like, the guy is seen in the ear earphone — provocative attribute. Only it was a normal earring, which he gave to a girlfriend.

And then Matsukevich arrested and accused of involvement in the riots. He was last arrested in the case was subsequently closed.

At trial, evidence is lacking to him at all, on a review of video footage nor the judge nor the prosecutor could not find anything commit unlawful this man. Matsukevich was the victim of a prosecution witness testimony — Mogilev activist Christine Shatsikava, who saw in him a provocateur. Her words became a verdict for the guy.

Wines Vitali was just that he was on the Plaza. After the verdict had to talk to his relatives. They told who their Acne free. Of course, he was not a member of the KGB. Such reckless and unchecked posts some bloggers who slandered Man, infinitely offended by his parents and relatives. He came to the area on their own, to express their civic position. In ordinary life, 23-year-old Matsukevich was a sincere and friendly person. He has wonderful parents who love him. In front of him waiting for a lot of things. In This year, he had finish the Belarusian State Economic University, so prepared to defend a diploma. The teachers, classmates and characterized by Vitaly only the good side. Apparently, so Dean let it settle in the next year, as This year,, obviously did not succeed. Vitali was going to get married in the summer. His favorite every day, attended the trial every day crying … Vitaly different and optimistic guy, valued his friends, who also came to support him. At the meetings it was evident how sad eyes for Vitali. But he was a decent man and bravely held on.

Plans and dreams, which are so numerous, yet remain out of reach for Vitali Matsukevich because he is in prison. Let us support him with letters!

Nastya Mascheva, deputy chairman of the movement "Young Belarus".

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