Vitebsk: police did not find the person who beat a collector of signatures

This is Andrew Ledovsky victim, a member of the initiative groups of Yaroslav Romanchuk, Vladimir Neklyaeva and Statkevich, learned from a policeman Pershamaiski police department.

According Ledovsky, a police officer said that at the request of the victim has been audited. But the culprit is not found, as the owner of the apartment, where a collector of signatures beaten Oct. 17, said he did not know the man who was both his and lashed out at a party at Andrew Ledovsky.

Vitebsk activist says that displeased with the police and is going to write about this complaint to the prosecutor's office. Injuries inflicted on him by a bully, recorded physicians, and, although it has since gone 9 days, the victim complains of a headache and bruises on his face to be seen still.

Ledovsky emphasizes that deliberately did not enter into a fight with the offender, because felt responsible for that business which is doing. He sought to preserve the signature sheets as drunken striker wanted to pick them up and threatened to kill a collector of signatures, repeatedly hitting his head on the wall.

This is not the only case in Vitebsk, where aggressive and drunken citizens attack signature collectors. October 28 will be held trial bully, who was detained members of pickets on Lenin Street — he insulted women and foul language.


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