Volcano wakes near the island of El Hierro, Canary Islands

At the bottom, the crack of a few kilometers long, of which there is a release of magma. These disappointing data, provide technical Research Centre (CSIC).

Ramon Ortiz of the CSIC, said the magma-filled crack, close to the coast of La Restinga are talking about appearing on the surface of the sea, mud stains.

CSIC also does not exclude the possibility that the situation could go different ways and there are three scenarios:

1) A large eruption of an underwater volcano happen offshore.

2) A large eruption will occur under the very island.

3) A large eruption occurs at a depth under water.

CSIC reports that are currently active magma, constrained by water pressure at a depth of 500 meters, but if the crack with the magma to rise to a depth of 60 meters, an explosion.

Ministry of Emergency Situations, asks residents Canary Islands to remain vigilant and leaves the level of danger of the situation on the red level.

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