Way of the Cross in Kurapaty

In Minsk, noted the annual Memorial Day Ancestors "Forefathers Eve." The traditional procession and rally in Kurapaty in places of mass political repressions organized a Conservative Christian Party BPF.

As in previous years, well before the start of the action Kurapaty were cordoned off by police, said Party activist Vladimir Juho:

"And in the morning of the 10th I went to the tool to put the crosses, but the police were already there and said, can not be here, that's our bus does not go too. Near bus full of police officers, as machines — wildness and laughter."

The procession started from the park Chelyuskintsev white-red-white flags, flags of many political parties and European flags. All the way to Kurapaty people carried on the shoulders of 20 crosses, which are then installed in the hole. Said a member of CCP BPF Valery Buffalo:

Valery Buffalo

"It is an ancient Christian tradition — the Cross procession. Always done so in the Christian tradition of Europe. Those who do not have the energy to carry the cross — come and crosses were brought in the morning."

According to the organizers, the current "Forefathers Eve" different from previous years a large number of members, especially the youth. They say young protesters:

"I am Anastasia Murashko, a member of the BPF Youth. For me — this is the main day of the year when people are not afraid to take to the streets under their national white-red-white flags, to breathe the free air."

Participation in the "Digression" taken as the democratic presidential candidates: Andrei Sannikov, Gregory Kastusyou, Statkevich, Vitaly Rymashevski, Nyaklyayeu. Mr. Nekljaev, in particular, reported that joined the procession after visiting the grave of Gennady Karpenko:


"It's amazing that this day has always shared power and democratic part of society. So, if we come to power, then all over the division of power between those who like Lenin and Stalin, and those who like their ancestors, relatives by blood."

All the way to Kurapaty marchers chanted the slogan "Long Live Belarus", sang patriotic songs and prayer hymn "God Almighty", but Kurapaty ascended the hill in silence. At the beginning of the meeting Valery Buffalo gave a speech and read a letter of Zenon Pozniak, in which the leader of the party called on people not to let themselves be used for fraud. The deputy chairman of the party Yuri Belenky urged those present to observe a moment of silence in memory of victims of the explosion in Pinsk, and spoke about the election:

Yuri Belenky

"We should not go to the falsified elections, because it is a fraud. Solidarity We must turn away from the regime. People will see your strength and power. And then the mode dies."

At the end of the rally participants in Kurapaty sang "God Almighty", established crosses brought and laid them flowers.

Dziady 2010



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