We live so so. The crisis in the once sailed

Mr."With the five we last. The salaries we are ahead of Ukraine, but with regard to the business and other things — there is freer conditions. More loyal to relate to this. Poles! There, the European Union, there is the standard of living higher than ours. In Russia — there are different ways. "

Mr."For Ukrainians clearly better, and for Russia, except for Moscow and Leningrad. Probably because there is too much freedom and democracy — they are Russian man is not needed. And in Ukraine — where the disorder. "

Mr."Is not it better for anyone. They say Russia is worse lives. I've worked in Russia. Who work there — he lives. And we shall work, do not work, you still will not live better. "

Mr."For Ukraine, probably. They have until there is unstable. And we seem to be more-less. Poles — they just Europe. And the Baltic states — there is also live well. In Russia, only Moscow and St. Petersburg — the capital city, and so is not very well. "

Mrs."I think that we all live better. We have some stability. Of course, prices could not increase. But we have calm and good roads. "

Mr. elderly"Poor living. Retired — and work. In the West, people have a rest, and we are working. Senior citizens, who are working more and pensions do not pay extra, so working. "

Girl"Russian, I think, as the purity in Belarus. When I come to Russia, there is very dirty. But there are rich and poor. And we mean. "

Mr."It is better for Russia — that's for sure, because I was there and worked, and I know. Moscow, yes, better lives, and then — it's darkness. "

Girl"It is better for Ukraine to live. In Ukraine, the same self-will. "

Mrs."We, Belarusians, best of all live. I have two sisters in Russia, they will come, compare and say: "Belarus is much better. One less unemployment. "

Youth"It is better to Russia and Ukraine. I can not explain it, but it surfing the internet. Newspapers, of course, such information will not give. Oh, and another from the conversations that in Russia and Ukraine is worse. The rest of the neighbors live better. They're closer to the European Union. "

Young man"Ukraine is also worse lives. And Russia. The Poles kept in its own way. Well, no worse and no better than we live. So, let us swim in. The crisis has sailed. "


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