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October 29 — the last day, when the streets could be seen collecting signatures. Initiative groups continue to take the petitions to the regional commission. On the features of the next stage of the campaign — the correspondents of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

The last day to collect signatures: flags with mourning bands

In Gomel, on the court at the department store where all of October was led petition today under white-red-white flags were only four pickets for Vladimir Neklyaeva. And on the flags of mourning were tied black ribbons.

Besides the portraits of the presidential candidate, on separate plates were informational materials about the Stalinist repressions. Were placed pictures of people who have gone in today's Belarus — Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko Zavadsky, Krasovsky.

Young citizen says this:

"Why so late put posters victims of political repression? Today is the last day to collect signatures! We had to put all of this before. It is necessary that during this month, all it stood when there were collecting signatures for candidates. "

Activist Constantin Zhukovsky, which is the last day of collecting signatures for Neklyaeva, explained the new attributes of pickets:

"Today is the last day to collect signatures, and we hung out flags with black ribbons, as on this day in the 37th year were shot more than 100 representatives of the Belarusian intelligentsia — such apogee of Stalin's repression. We decided to remind voters of that. The new government should not cover up the crime, but on the contrary — to show people that we had such a history. And if bury her, then this could happen again. "

Zhukovsky, spoke about the results of the collection of signatures for the city of Vladimir Neklyaeva:

"For this campaign we have collected in the central region of about 9,000 signatures. And just in the city, as far as I know, has collected more than 18,000 per Neklyaeva Vladimir Prokofyevich. "

In addition, in Mozyr Svetlahorsk, Rechitza, Rahachou and other regional centers for Neklyaeva signed up more than 12,000 voters. This figure provides a regional campaign coordinator Oleg Shabetnik.

Actively collecting signatures was conducted in the region for Andrei Sannikov, Ales Mikhalevich, Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Says campaign coordinator for Yaroslav Romanchuk in the Gomel region Marat Afanasyev:

"I worked for about forty people. They collected 7,300 signatures for Yaroslav Romanchuk. To date, the Commission put in 6,100 signatures. Until the end of the day we'll give another about 1,100 signatures in Gomel and Mozyr. "

Campaign to collect signatures for Ales Mikhalevich led by the head of the regional organization of the movement "For Freedom" Pyotr Kuznetsov:

"We only had about a hundred people. Collected about 14,000 signatures. Here is the commission after checking about 13.5 thousand. At the time of delivery signatures felt in the regional commissions are not very friendly attitude. For example, in Khoiniki the commission were the comments of why the subscriber deleted uneven. Friendly to us unless treated in Zhlobin and Lelchitsy. "

Grodno region

"The signatures collected did not interfere, but people do not believe the government …"

The participants of the election campaign in the Grodno note that the signature collection period has passed without any obstacles. But ahead of the opposition are still many tests.

In Slonim members of the local opposition parties and movements were collecting signatures for all the opposition candidates. The head of the local organization of the Belarusian Popular Front Ivan Sheha at all surprised that this phase of the campaign was so calm, with no aggression on the part of the authorities.

He says that at the time of registration of signatures and the formation of election commissions will be exactly clear what the intention is power in this election:

"It all depends on what will be an indication: sift say — will sift us, but do not say — will not. We do not have any guarantees. "

Irina Veshtort coordinated the work of a collector of signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva on Smorgonschine. She also notes that the authorities of obstacles almost did not make, but do not call this step easy. Especially because people are intimidated, afraid to sign for opposition candidates and does not have any information about them:

We have amassed over the years, even the fear of the ridge.

"We have amassed over the years, even the fear of the ridge. And if we can change the president, we will have 3-4 years of cast himself that has accumulated over the last 16 years. "

An activist of Astravets Kruk collecting signatures for Yaroslav Romanchuk, Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov. He says he had never seen people so eager to change the government. They are, according to him, all understand and do not believe this government:

"I think the authorities want to put down and now the voters and the opposition: we usmihayutstsa in the executive committee, and do their job. So I gave a list of 25 members to be included in the composition of election commissions — see who they will turn. "

Dmitry Kukhlei of bridges, joining the words of his colleagues, makes another conclusion regarding unusual behavior of power:

"Today the Belarusian leadership wants to create a positive image in the eyes of the West, that these elections have been recognized as a confrontation with Russia does not have the support of the former, and the need to somehow legitimize themselves."

Vitebsk Region

Fixed several aggressive attacks on the collector of signatures

Today in Vitebsk not see pickets to collect signatures — activists massively register signatures executive committee.

The collectors of signatures for different potential candidates noted that the work was fruitful. Although not without its annoying cases. There were several attacks on the collector of signatures on the picket lines and in the apartments of violent citizens, and yesterday in the late afternoon an unknown bully attacked with fists on a plastic figure of Vladimir Neklyaeva, which was an attribute of the picket.

Nina Kovalyov

Nina Kovalyov, who witnessed the event, said that it was a planned action:

"I think that all of this had been prepared in advance man hid his face and chose a moment when we have something to discuss with each other. He quickly jumped repeatedly struck and fled. I think it was designed for pedestrians — so people have looked, that there is another kind of power …. But in spite of this unpleasant incident yesterday, the subscription campaign has left a very good impression. "

Mrs. Kovalev collected signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva and Gregory Kastusiou. She says that during rounds apartments often faced with people who are afraid to sign or not to believe in the possibility of change. But the "street work" left a very different memories:

"Most of the people came, but they said" we are for all "or" at least someone, but not Lukashenko. " I r
ealized that the people want change, even more than in 2006. Even those who doubt, who had previously been for Lukashenko, and they wondered, that the candidates for who they are. And from the regions approached by people from Lepel, with Gorodoksky … I thought there opposition press does not reach, and they turned out in the course of all cases. And listen to Radio Liberty, by the way! "

Jaroslav Bernikovich collecting signatures on Gluboksky Fair.

The current situation compares with the previous presidential election and another collector of signatures, Jaroslav Bernikovich of the Deep, a member of the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva:

"This is not the first campaign we're doing here at Glybochchyne. But this year a lot easier to collect signatures! Thus, in 2006, the year our team gathered for a single candidate Milinkevich 1,700 signatures, and this year in the last month we have collected more than 4 million. This is mainly in the Deep, and even went in the next town — you install it Dokshitsi, Sharkovshchina, Braslaw. "

Tatiana Seviarynets collects signatures for nomination Rymasheuski.

The campaign in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva in the Vitebsk region has been successful: he collected signatures for more than the other candidates — certainly not ravnuyuchysya with the initiative group of Alexander Lukashenko as the official results of their work was not mentioned anywhere.

How the group worked Vital Rymasheuski in the Vitebsk region, coordinator of the petition Tatiana Seviarynets not very happy:

"In Vitebsk, we collected 5,714 signatures. Something had to reject and delete. Maybe because the sheets are not all filled with good faith. Maybe because our team had people who took part for the first time in such company. Norma was — 10,000 signatures … But all that is — is the signature vyhazhanyya our feet, adstoenyya on pickets in the rain and cold. We worked there together: asking voters to support different candidates — and our way ".

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