What determines the length of our lives?

This is debating an anthropologist, genetics, medical-gerantolyagi.

One of the latest theories suggested that a group of researchers from University College London. In a few words, it is stated as follows: the richer a person is, the longer it lives.

According to British scholars hormone DHEAS, which controls the body's reaction to external stress, and it affects a life expectancy. More DHEAS is produced by those who lead a healthy and active lifestyle, eat right and exercise regularly. The production of this hormone promotes good mood, contacts with friends and a variety of delight. All this is particularly true of rich people who have more free time and money, British scientists believe.

With these findings, however, do not agree to Dutch scientists from the University of Leiden. They studied data on the three and a half thousand centenarians Netherlands and came to the conclusion that to live a long life allows a certain combination of genes that occurs no more often as one in ten thousand people. According to the researchers, centenarians are different from the rest of the people on a number of parameters. In particular, they have a special mechanism zasvoyvannya fat and glucose and their skin aging is much slower. Furthermore, they are much less prone to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Meanwhile a group of American anthropologist at Boston University, believes that the genetics and prosperity — is perhaps not all of the factors of longevity. As demonstrated by studies of centenarians, genetics plays a role only in 20-30% of cases. The same can be said about a factor of wealth. Although the level of prosperity and of great importance, but in order to live a lot, a person must be optimistic, work hard, eat less, sit and be nervous.

Longevity in the American

According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau, in 2009, the country had more than 96.5 thousand people who crossed the centenarians. In 1990, these people were about 38.3 thousand.

One of these dovgazhyharak, 100-year-old Esther Tuttle, has devoted his article the newspaper New York Times. Woman's parents died before they reach up to 50 years, and left orphaned 11-year-old girl and her three brothers. By the way, only one of which also became a long-lived: he lived to be ninety-sixth

Initially, the proportion of orphaned children has dropped a lot of testing. As evidenced itself Esther Tuttle, namely the difficulties experienced at a young age and older, taught her to cope with stress. In general, to live to be 100 years old, according to long-liver, you need to lead an active professional and social activities, to be happy and in a philosophical look at life. Still need to have close ties with the family. At Esther three children, 11 grandchildren, 21 great-grandson, 3 great-grandson. Also, she said, do not ignore the advice of doctors.

Mrs. Tuttle calls himself "to the belt biyanichnay woman." She has artificial breasts, as a result of cancer she did rezektsyyu breast cancer. 100-year-old Esther Tuttle has 10 years of living with a pacemaker in her dentures, she underwent surgery on joints, a hearing aid and contact lenses.

Recently, a woman diagnosed with osteoporosis, and so it is now regularly takes pills calcium and vitamins C and D.

In his book published a few years ago, Esther Tuttle, in particular, writes about his daily routine.

She gets up early. Before breakfast every morning for about an hour doing yoga. Her breakfast — orange juice, cereal, bananas, and black coffee. After breakfast — work in the office.

At lunch can be soup or leftover meat with a very thin slice of rye toast, tea and a dessert — jelly or fruit. Then an hour of sleep, then — shopping.

In half of the 7th pm Esther prepares himself and his friend, 84-year-old artist Alain Hutch, on the last day of the dish. Husband of Mrs. Tuttle, Ben, died in 1988.

Before going to bed Esther reading or watching a good movie on TV.

"In 100 years, it makes sense to live exciting," said Esther Tuttle.

Longevity in Belarusian

According to official data, on 1 January 2010 in Belarus, 577 people lived over 100 years old (compared to the beginning of 2009 — 663, 2008 — 643 of 2006 — 767, 2004, — 879). Most centenarians living in the rural areas, in private homes without facilities, along with his younger heirs. The most long-lived (147) — in the Grodno region. Centenarians — mostly women. Among the 577 men, only 88 centenarians.

Decreasing trend in the number of 100-year-old Belarusian experts to explain the deterioration of the environment. And the very longevity — genetics and lifestyle.

Until September 12 the oldest Belarusian was 121-year-old Anna Ragel. She was born in the village of White under Maladzechna, the latter years spent in the Maladzechna, where she lived in a private house with her daughter, a pensioner. After the death of Anna's oldest resident of the country Ragel is Maria Chicoutimi. All its 116 years she has lived in the village Tesnovaya below the column. Now Maria Chicoutimi lives with daughter Caroline and grandchildren Franz, who care for her. Across the street from their home lives 70-year-old daughter Maria — Magdalena. Among the five children of her grandmother are still alive three. She has 14 grandchildren, the oldest of which — 52 years old, 21 grandchildren, 2 great-grandson.

Born in 1894, Mary Chicoutimi has survived several wars, revolution, collectivization, the occupation, the power shift. My grandmother often said of his village youth:

"Mother and father of us brought up a strict Catholic faith, as well as respect for the people and the work from an early age was raised. Was considered a great sin to cheat someone to infringe on someone else's."

It is believed that there is no work in the village, which they did not know this woman's hands. Grandmother and now is not, and trying to do something around the house. Only recently it has started to use a stick. Besides, it has deteriorated vision. Until now, she had read a lot of books. Glasses woman does not enjoy, like a hearing aid, although in need.

To live a lot, man must be optimistic, work hard, eat less, sit and be nervous

Grandmother — a strict believer, holding positions, but the holidays can take a glass. She does not recognize the tablet does not go to the doctor or not complain and likes to take a steam bath. The main motto of her life: "Do not need it." As a child, an old enjoys every new day — autumn, winter, spring, summer.

At one and a half months younger than Maria Claudia Jakimovich Chicoutimi, which was fulfilled in 116 This year, at the end of August. Claudia lives in Minsk, in a city apartment with her daughter and son in law. Like Mary, she is also forced to move around with a stick and also has problems with vision and hearing. It is believed that deafness, blindness and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (most commonly associated with osteoporosis) — the main problems of old people in Belarus. Medical care Belarusian centenarians are usually referring only in acute cases.

In Belarus, only six women who have lived over 110 years, and no men.

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