What is faith? Kolovrat concepts of faith and belief

God created man, heard it all, everyone knows it, and partly understood. Who created you? Mother-father. Ie get your dad — your Creator God, your mother — Mother of God. Now someone try to prove in any way, even mathematical, though empirically that, indeed, they have conceived, and they have spawned. How do you prove it? But any way. You just know that that's my dad, that's my mom, they've created, and they are God-the Creator, and I'm not going to prove to anyone, because for me it is a fact, it has already proved a reality of my existence. Therefore, for those who do not understand the religion came the phrase:Do not make yourself an idol, and all semblance ofie Why? Kummir. What is kummir? World kin. Do not make yourself new relatives, and any similarities. But someone will say: But these parents do not like, it's not my parents, I'll go here and pick yourself new parents. But how can a man go back and be born of the new parents? Therefore, it is said


:Do not make yourself the false parents.

A knowledge of all processes — this is Vera. We know where that goes, it would be for this world, etc. as well as a first-grader, who came to the school, knows first graduating class, he'll go for the second, etc. until he finishes school. But the end of the school it does not mean the end of education. Further education — he can go to school, he can go to college, he can go to college, he can go to university, and so on. and someone they can go to learn the life of labor, ie on production. This is a first grader knows.

In religion, as they say: That you live, this is the first class, in which all — stop. How to stop? But when you think about what it might be? — It is bad. That's what you say it will be.

To our question: how do you know where does this or that religion? The answer was simple: Do you have a talk with the priests of the cult, with priests and ask them to tell about the world vkratse that follows explicit. But many do not understand this terminology, so you just ask: And what awaits man after death? What kind of world they describe? That's how they describe the world, that world they serve.

First, to whom we went to were Muslims. When we came, they just ran out of prayer, we asked this question: What will happen when people living today will die? Mulla, good-natured man, then it was just the head of the community, and now is the Supreme Mufti of Siberia and the Far East. But then he explained quite simply that not any reading out passages from the Koran, and he said simply, a person dies, he gets to heaven. Here the man worked, prayed to God, and for all of his act, he just prayed, and still worked, helped the poor, perform namaz five times a day, he gets to heaven, he was there Peri (?) Subservient, etc. ie . a man gets to heaven and rest. Peri women subservient to him there, his every whim perform.

From his explanation, we realized one thing: Islam for men — well and good. Here labored, prayed, rest there. A woman is obliged to continue to race here, to serve man, and there is the same thing, let it even Peri-angel, still served. Ie to solve this.

Then I did not go, and the boys went to the Jew, to tell about paradise. He says to tell about where God and Adam and Eve — it's all there in the books. And he was asked: And when we die? He says: And there is nothing. God said, "We'll give you everything, and you arrange yourself heaven on earth. That's why we do our best to live on earth as in heaven. " That's it.

While the boys went to him, I went to the malokanam (?), The Pentecostals, Baptists, Adventists, ie, the Old Believers where I knew, and strangers were not allowed at all: the shutters are closed, the gates to the lock, and that there is no one knew, and at each other in the KGB from chattering. There's a description of paradise similar: bliss, all the rest in the shade, listening to the birds singing, and listening to the instructions of God, men and women together. Unlike the official, I mean — the Catholic and the Russian Orthodox Church is that there baptized as an adult, like Jesus in the 28-30 years (according to various sources) thought up himself to be baptized, and these. But mind you, they also speculate that it is said that everything is going, but the logic is similar: after the death of a world where all the loaf. Ie there's nothing to do but pray, but repented, and there do not do is sit back.

But then went to Starovilnyussky (?) Cathedral. Just come to the cathedral you running priest, deacon or anyone: Guys, there's a smoke? — There are at. And can you tell us what the official Christianity talks about what will happen after death? He says, "just man gets to heaven, where he meets Peter with the keys, holds rights to the abode of God, they're going." I asked a specific? "Specifically, when a person gets there, he finds out everything." — And this may not be a lie, a chimera, a fraud? After all, how many away from Christianity trends and directions. — "And this is from Satan!". And have all the questions answered, "This is of Satan!". I ask, "Well, logically, you what? Satan gave a list of that from him, and what is not? "And he then, very excited, started to list to the circle of hell for what we get, where what traits in which the boiler is, it.d. And this for two hours that is, it carried away our education, as according to him, not knowing is worse sinners are, then at least have sinned and repent, and do not know do not even know that they have sinned. So he, enlightening us, talking about all the circles of hell, we are in his opinion, should pass. Dante rests compared to this priest. Dante outlines, and all my father knew each line by the name of each besenenka.

The conclusion is that we have learned somethingbasis: the kind of world in great detail describe that world and serve.The man who is, he may not even know. Because, let's say, a lot of Muslim goes to the mosque, namaz, pray, but they do not delve deep into Islam. Islam generally translated as order. They know some fragments, for example, from the Koran. They know that there is a Sunnah that is Sunni. There are Shiites. Someone venerates Mary, the mother of the prophet. Anyone worships Muhammad's daughter. But however deep essence of Muslims do not know. He can read the Quran, but these here accompanying book, the accompanying literature, related knowledge, or philosophical reflection, interpretation, a simple Muslim and does not know. He does not need, and he was doing it, and once he has a family to feed, and even 5 times a day to do the prayer, so he seemed not to know.

And all that's involved in these philosophical trendsSufis. A Sufi is a person, like, reached a certain level of enlightenment. He philosophizes, he has a very different view of good and evil, and he has a completely different life form of behavior. You see, we know that a simple Muslim, he knows Mullah — a different level, he knows Mufti — the third, and that he knows a Sufi — a completely different level. Multi-level system.

It is the same among the Jews. When Rebe … (?) Great Kabbalist asked: Why the knowledge that he possesses, they are even in the Jewish system, why they do not know the simple Jews? His answer was succinct and simple, think about it:"What is necessary to know the shepherds, sheep are not supposed to know". Even if you sit in front of the shepherd and the sheep will cram them something, they also will not understand because they are — sheep. Here — the imagery.

It is the same in other systems. Therefore, mind you, a lot of religious systems, in which the basic information: obey, repent, work for the good of the religion, and possibly the death of you shall have a better world. They promise, but what actually is not yet known.

Anecdote: pumped man in intensive care. His soul flew in purgatory. Displays a man dressed all in white. — Who are you? — I Pet. What are you — passed away? — No more, I was pumped. You show me just that here: what if I did survive, so at least his life in order give, knowing that I can look forward to. Well, Peter, and he shows all the circles of hell. — And what was on the gate? — And there's paradise. -Show. Peter shows him to paradise. There, the birds are singing, people are, sitting on the grass among flowers resting. And after all paradise vysochennaya wall. — And what was on the wall. Peter whispered: There Orthodox. — Why whisper? — They think they are alone.

Ie they think they are — one. Notice, in the religious systems always the world they celebrate, they get it in the east. Those who ask: Why in the East? He replied: Well, from the same sun rises. And the man, as if enough of an answer. But it says something about the galactic east. Aat the galactic east is Eden, Paradise, Paradise, the same land of Nod, that's it — to the east of the earth. And our ancestors in this country, in the east, we have there Sunshine.Therefore, there was a rule:you will live a righteous life — come in Svarga immaculate, and you will live an unjust life — you get into Christian heaven. Ie that for Christians paradise — the highest achievement for us — it is vile world, hell. And note (Risby) all their prayers go to the east, and we have the opposite direction. We say go for the souls of the ancestors the sun to the west., And then ascend. This is the difference. And almost all religious temples are oriented to the east. I said almost. Because there are some Hindu flow where the temple is located to the north, west, south, east ie in different directions, so I said, almost.



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