What is prayer?


What is prayer?

Praised the gods of our ancestors, but nothing they have not asked. Engaged praises. Praise — is the creation of special vibration, because the language is given to us to praise, ie word resonance attunement with the Gods in words.

Prayer — Is vibrating series associated with certain forms: either contact the individual to God, who manages the specific elements, or one of its manifestations — the protection, assistance and support. This technique attunement to certain vibrations. When a person believes, when he has the inner conviction that the object to which it is drawn, it will help — help and support coming. However, even it does not matter whether we're in your own words, or no words, just a mental message and mental touching God accomplishes miracles. It is important from the heart, with the understanding of the JI-West, then prayer works very hard. And it is important to take these vibrations. Often people are not ready to take the high vibrations, if it is very long lived in low: aggression, anger, irritation and internal negative. Pray — then tune the vibration of God, use his power. Therefore, the prayer to bless, not to speak (of — the image of the thief — stealing. Steal images).

I offer you some of our prayers to refer to the gods. And remember, it's important that you're going to hear the gods take their Light.

Path-Veda Orthodox Faith

I believe in God Rod — One and Mnogoproyavnogo God, the Source of all things and the carrier that all Gods Eternal Krynica. Know that the World is a kind, and all the gods joined polyonymous in it. I believe in the trinity of life rules, Reveal and Navi, and that the rule is true, and told the forefathers of our Fathers. Know that a rule with us, and Navi are not afraid, For Nav has no power against us. I believe in unity with the native gods, For Dazhbozhi grandchildren we — hope and support of Native Gods. And the gods hold their right hands on our ralah. Know that life in the Grand Rohde eternal, and have to think about eternity, walking paths are right. I believe in the power and wisdom of ancestors who are born among us, leading to our well-being through a conductor. Know that strength lies in unity birth Orthodox, and that will become glorious, praising Native Gods! Rod and all the glory of the gods, in Him that exists!

Prayer of Devotion

Rode Supreme! Great our God! You — United and mnogoproyavny, You — our Light and Justice, You Krynica Eternal Life, the source of infinite love, the one that heals the soul and body. We praise You, Dear God, show and Navi. And everyday labor over their souls in order to be wise and strong, strong support of Mother-Earth and defenders of their ancient clans, for you give us inspiration and joy, bestow courage and resistance, giving us Veda and teach patience, so we went with the honor path our lives, inspiring performing Holy Thy will. Glory to Thee, Rode Supreme! And all native Gods in You existent!

Prayer Rod. Protective.

My father, Rod! You are the God of Gods. Take me under his wing. Let no one bothers me to live and work in your name. You — perfect, and I perfect my love for you, for Know that love and justice — a powerful protection from all evil. Thank You, Father, for caring about me and my kind. Ohms.

Important: this protective prayer written from the site by hand on paper.

Unity Prayer

Rode Almighty spawned life Reveal and Navi! You are the God of our gods and all sort divine principle. You are the Father Sky — Svarog, Father God, You are the Great Mother Lada — the love and the birth of the World. Yako Perun see you in many battles, which leads us to victory Ratna and approval righteous life. You are the holy knight of our faith — the light, God is right, show and Navi. Yet you have a great Triglav our Faith-Veda. Relatives Gods glory!

Prayer Verve

Rode Vsebozhe! You sacred sanctity of holiness!
Originator and the highest Spirit of Light Eternal, the movement of thought in its many worlds Diva you generate, therefore, you have everything and everything is in you, Infinite Light fills all you soul, Pocono Holy of eternal life blessed, happy people who your wisdom highest unaware ! Parents of Heaven, the gods and the ancestors of Native light stick, sanctity of the right in the world claiming to Svarga-Pure go! Filled with your strength, your holiness protected, we live for You, my true destiny to fulfill. Since you have the highest joy and happiness are endless! Flows to us your love, gifts of mind and body, and by the grace of all, because in unity Ohnište Generic abiding, pure acts sanctify their souls, the world of good and love to co-create! Glory Rod Almighty!

Prayer "Dazhbozhya morning"

The red sun rises, Dazhbozhe ours, a world of light is illuminated, joy is full! My soul wants to grace, for there I Vnukovo (PFA) to Dazhbozh (rd) th. Look at the sky and ineffable joy heart flutters, After all our own Dido in my home is. Greetings to you, honey!
Bless the spirit, soul, and my body to the health and grace abide. Same without you there is no breathing, no movement of any on Earth — Makos! God bless me on a clear day, to come to pass all my good beginnings and Injustice that sunk into the pit! Dazhbog glory!

Prayer before every work

Svarog, Dido Rod Heaven, You are the creator of the world of clear, — the sun, the stars and the Earth-Mother. In Thee great sheer force of creation, Koya in hosts of our family you have seen the beginning of all good deeds that are born in the heart, in the mind and in the mature fruit of their Manifest bring. How can I start without thy blessing? Molvlyu to the Heavenly Father, let the blessings of my cause is just,
let her light to inspire that I made is good, and the joy of the White Light, an Orthodox family and my relatives. Svarog glory!

Prayer at the end of the case

You crown the cause of all things, and life on earth, Veles, our God! Let my heart be filled with the joy of creation, acts For my heart and thoughts pure light. Let my works manifest the fruits of the blessedness and glory of my family! Bless, Veles, so be it!

Prayer before eating food

Option 1

GODS AND NATURAL FORCE hardly human food comes, body and soul Dazhbozhih grandchildren blesses desire holiness sanctifying. For good and happiness of children Svarog, with food, requires giving, sort of a great glory to create! Relatives Gods glory!

Option 2

Glory native gods, for our urgent food, Koya us joy and our children to live decent. Asks the gods to bless Native food, and treat our ancestors, to bring peace and harmony between heaven and Native born of the earth. Relatives Gods glory!

Option 3

Relatives praised the gods, for food every day, grant us to create works inspired,
Please bless this very food Primordial Light stuff is good, and our happiness

And Ancestors light treat! Relatives Gods glory!

Option 4

About Progenitor, manifested in the form of Sventovita, Svarog, Perun and Dazhdbog, Mokos, Okay, thank you!

Bless this very meal, so she went in our favor. Aum (Om)

Prayer before bed

Rode Supreme! Praise thee thy blood children. Yako Night walks the earth, Velez on holy ground pace. And our lives in the right through the Nav go through a deep sleep ancestors name. Therefore the Father Vélez, who brought our earthly otrochat Ancestor, please our lives from Navi protected, and the world of waking, Thou Dazhbog morning healthy and strong to come. Relatives Gods glory!

Prayer of parents for children

Rod Almighty Father through Svarog and Lada Mother, You being the World rozhdaesh in Gods Native proyavlyaeshsya in any creation. Now the saints are filled with Your Spirit, and all your strength zaklikaem righteous! Let the gods will come and relatives through their bodily manifestations sanctify the soul of our family, children that are Zeal Svarog with Veda, save and Rodney connecting Gods! Relatives Gods glory!

Prayer for the race and children

Rode Supreme! Call your light animating! Father force Svarog and Lada-Mother,
and all the Gods of Light, come and bless! Dana Voditsa, live Krynica, bring us health and cleanse the body, enlighten our minds, as the morning ray of native grasslands and forest covers. Life in the nations before him, renew and enrich the lives of the same in their bodies and our souls. Let the power to be in our way, let our children become more vdesyatikrat, twenty times richer, but a hundred times wiser than us! So be it! Relatives Gods glory!

Prayer Girl (West) about marriage

Get up early in the morning, and wash Bless, I turn to the gods so kummiram Slavic goddesses. Lada — Mother, hear me! No to the World wife without a husband, like a no no in Svarga Frets Svarog, for the life of the great Pocono Uday so! Most Lucent Our Lady, I see as the eyes of my spirit saw the light, I feel a great need to calm my soul! Would let me face my future husband, because I realized his way to Reveal! I am ready to accept it and go on the path of life, I can see how happiness comes into my house, the children smile and joyful sun shines! I give you the benefit of, Ladushka!
Rod Heavenly Glory!

Praying for the parents

Revere their parents and praised the gods, turn to Him, so that took care of our aging parents. Because they brought us into the world of explicit, way of life taught to give Native Gods praise,
Land sacred honor and protect it from the kind stranger, dashing eye. Call of our nation, the Father of the Gods Orthodox Take custody of his parents ours. Let old age quietly attain what Mother Share weave, and easy to the Gods depart in season. And who have a need, let the earth come back again and happy way Slated overcome. Relatives Gods glory!

Prayer of husband and wife for the family

Rode Almighty, you know that you hold in all the things and flying, all things visible and invisible, let us join the Krynica of Eternal Life, the source of infinite love! Give me, Lord, to our union family was kind and strong, send us kids a beautiful, healthy and happy for the good and happiness of all sort Christians! Svarog Father, which hath made us righteous life in Thy power and glory to have a good home and was called Gods in ednistve spirit and body, Rode Supreme unite! Great Mother Lada keeper Rod Heaven and earth kind, either next to us all our lives, let your strength and maternal tenderness enveloped our family and protect her from all evil! Rod glory to God, Svarog and Lada, and all the gods yes ancestors!

Prayer wife of her husband

Rode Vsebozhe! You originator of the universe, the source of Rod Heaven and earth kind.
I praise you and ask you to give to my husband's health is as firm as a rock unbreakable, clear and bright mind, as the source rock, the strength of the great, courageous temper that hard in my life was standing on his feet, our family beach, loved his children, I respected him, praising the gods . Relatives Gods glory!

Prayer is man's wife

Mother Lada, praise your love embracing. You're doing way in the universe, in the families of heaven and earth, is filled with women of our kindness and motherhood.
I pray thee, let my wife good health, long life, like gentle, kind heart. To our family filled with love, children of growth, I faithfully loved, my mother and father respected him, took care of our economy. Let her soul only agreement governs, and the words from the song just poured, and in the sight of the beautiful eternal love supreme. Glory to Mother — Lada and all native goddess!

Mother's Prayer — Givet

Nice and Trislavna be alive, Oleoresins, Goddess of life and the bearer of Light birth!
See how the rays converge in Santa Dazhbog, the entrance to the sources of our corporal and replenish health, strength and good. Without you there is no life in the man, but only a mother Mara, that the news of the end of life apparent. Now pray so God bless Rod Light, which comes with you and through our hands radiated. In that light the whole life there and beyond — nothing, then he Rhode originator in the face of Thy coming off. Thank you pours stogolosaya, Poroditelnitsa life, Mother Alive! Glory Givet-oleoresin!

Prayers to collect and prepare Vedana

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