Where else can explode?

In the past three years in the enterprises of Belarus has killed more than 600 people, including this year — 165. The main cause of these tragedies experts call the failure to managers and professionals for health and safety responsibilities. In addition, the high risk to human life are obsolete machinery, tools and other equipment. The other day, a fatal accident occurred at the plant in Pinsk Stock Company "Pinsk Wood". Today correspondents of "Freedom" addresses figured out the most hazardous industries.

Grodno region

"The whole safety rests on the word of honor …"

Grodno experience in hazardous areas suggests that the main threat to the people — the old equipment and the failure of the safety regulations in the workplace.

The first thing sutykaessya when you start talking about the rules of safety at work of our enterprises — the complete closure of the topic. This is not to say somehow. And the people who are there now work to shy away from such issues.

There all is sealed and the person has nothing to do, and we have in the shop all of the disclosures on the line voltage is applied to several thousand volts. Small enough spark to an explosion

The former paint shop worker Grodno factory driveshafts says of his former place of work almost like a war area. According to him, the paint is a high voltage using a nozzle, and old hoods can not handle that constantly creates the danger.

Man: "Concentration is going very high, often need to clean mine, but they're just cleaned it all just waiting in the wings. Depreciation of equipment shall not exceed 30%, but in reality it is worn by 100%. It had to be replaced three times, but no one does. "

Mr. recalls that occurred more than once, and fires, and thank God they did not have a big impact. Workers have repeatedly sought to appropriate services made measurements in the shop, but, according to him, they always answered that the indicators are permissible. Would otherwise have to stop production.

How should such a production run, Mr. saw a Swedish company that is in the free economic zone.

Man: "Everything is sealed and the person has nothing to do, and we have in the shop all of the disclosures on the line voltage is applied to several thousand volts. Enough little spark to the explosion."

Another worker who knows the specifics of working in such shops, said that such a situation — in many enterprises of Grodno. He was particularly concerned about deterioration of the equipment in hazardous industries. A safety, they say, rests on parole.

Man: "Anyone can stop our factory, if you hold a normal check. With the demolition of 90% of any dangerous equipment, where a stone throw — and on the electrical, and mechanical, for machine tool, chemical, textile mills, etc. yes."

One of the biggest enterprises of Grodno — "Grodno Nitrogen". I asked a worker of the enterprise — how he assesses the safety of the plant.

Mr."How can so and hold, to the best of facilities and qualified workers. Now, see, accidents, thank God, no. Yes, no such information, you do not say … well today, tomorrow … yet we have chemistry here for 40 years. "


Most deaths were in September

Mogilev region causes of injury and death at work are most often the safety violations, and drunkenness. Most victims — in construction and agriculture.

The largest number of deaths was recorded in September. Six of the workers did not return home from work.

In Krychau area collapsed metal design on the cement plant, which is being built here. Died builder. Cause of the accident vysvyatlyayutstsa more than a month.

Another tragic incident occurred in Mogilev. Drunk builder fell from the building of the house:

"And the prosecutor's office, and we have confirmed the fact of his dismissal from work. But he still came back to finish the task given to the tenant. After that fell from the roof and was fatally injured, "- said an employee of the Mogilev oblast department of labor.

In the regional management of the Department of Labour Inspection reported that in the first nine months of this year, the production of 16 people died. The most typical cause of death of an employee calls the council:

"The first — is the failure of the experts and responsibility for the organization of occupational safety. Violation of victims of labor and production discipline. Deficiencies in training and instruktavanni victims of labor protection."

They have to work in extreme situations. Now is the state in the economy, at all costs — to work. Trade Unions are not there to protect. A man swims in his boat. To feed his family, be silent

In September, however, official sources mentioned another figure killed:

"Since the beginning of the year in the organizations of the region was more than twenty cases with a fatal outcome. Mostly their cause was the failure of safety rules."

Builders recognize that to violate safety regulations:

"They have to work in extreme situations. Now a state in the economy, at all costs — to work. Unions are not there to protect. Man floating in his boat. To feed his family, to be silent" — said the builder Nicholas.

In agriculture, the problems are the same — drunkenness and violation of labor safety. Also in September, did not escape the tragedy and the well-known farm "Alexandria": electrician died here. In Slavgorod area burned in a field tent drunken shepherd.

But in Event Tourism sector worker "East" was killed on the dairy farm. A wall fell on him. The reason — the wear and tear.

Vitebsk Region

After the explosion on "Pinskdrev" freedom of trade unions to "Glass" initiates a check safety

According to the MOE, Vitebsk region is rather quiet region regarding emergencies in the workplace.

At the Department of Emergency Situations said that the fires in the enterprises of Vitebsk region are rare. He mentioned only one such incident in the last few months. The morning of September 13 the fire started in the stock of a foreign company "Adaost" that in the production association "Monolith":

"Enterprises and gosobektov not often we burn. Could even say rare. So, here is the last — it's" monolith "We rescued 10 people. There has been a private company, was on raw materials warehouse, and we are 10 people rescued from the second floor. Welding work properly performed there — are to blame. "

Here are the events on "Pinskdrev" I have for my company just pride! Our enterprises that "Naftan" that "Polymir" do a lot of steps to get the job safe.

What tersely tells the employee the fire service, in fact, could have ended in tragedy: the room was a propane tank and oxygen tank that could explode at any moment. People in the administrative offices of cut fire and had to withdraw through the windows. And below 5 were on duty ambulances.

The most flammable in the Vitebsk region considered Navapolatsk enterprise "Naftan" and "Polymir" processing combustible substances as raw materials. Worker "Polimir" Vladimir Kuncevich said that the work will be safe, if you carefully carry out all fire regulations. And the company in this endeavor:

"This is due to the events in the" Pinskdrev &quot
;I have for my company just pride! Our enterprises that" Naftan "that" Polymir "do a lot of steps to get the job safe. Briefings, security for gas welding or fire works … And the people themselves understand where they work. Same cleaning — is on schedule, and not have to remind people that the explosion can occur simply because of the fact that the room is not clean — and the very dust can cause explosions . "

But the company, which closely follow the fire safety, there are other emergencies. For example, sulfuric acid pratsechka, recalls Mr. Kuncevich:

"Two years ago there was a pratsechka sulfuric acid. Well, a little leaked a little patch up the pipe. Further work. Simply from old age leaked pratsechka could be better, but nothing terrible has happened. Course, one may ask, why are not repaired in time, why not replaced. And there are many such places, where there needs to be changed or repaired. But this will not solve today for today. "

Even earlier, in 2007, the year, two workers' Polimir "died, poisoned with prussic acid in pairs — they are engaged in repair, with no means of personal protection.

To prevent tragic cases, directly after the events in "Pinskdrev" community of the Free Trade Union of Polotsk enterprise "Glass" creates a special commission for the protection of labor, says local activist Nicholas Balls:

"Yesterday we passed the council offices of the Free Trade Union" Shklovolakno "will set up a commission for the protection of labor. Indeed, every enterprise has a" narrow "places that need to pay close attention. We now operate with liquid glass, the temperature of which more than 2,000 degrees. Therefore, there is always a danger of fire. gas used in the manufacturing process. Besides, we have bad working conditions. Therefore, we must closely monitor so that working conditions are safe for workers. "

Gomel Oblast

"Gomeldrev" explores the danger zones

The Gomel region is greater than in any other region of Belarus, concentrated fire and hazardous areas.
Tells about one of the regional representatives of the Department of State Labour Inspection:

The accident in the spring, we had to Mozyr oil — where two people were injured

"First of all, it's a chemical plant, the same company woodworking owned concern" Belneftekhim ", the Ministry of Industry, concern" Bellesbumprom. "They Mozyr Rechitza, Kalinkavichy. Gomel And not just one company" Gomeldrev. "It's the same Svetlogorskij pulp and paper mill and oil. This is all explosive and flammable. First of all it is necessary that the equipment be brought into line with the requirements of laws and regulations that prevention was cleaning. other words, in time maintenance was performed. "

It is also important to follow the rules of technical safety in the repair. Pagarzhanne them leads to emergency situations even in high-tech enterprises. For example, this year there was a fire at the Mozyr refinery:

"The accident in the spring, we had to Mozyr oil — where two people were injured."

In April, as a result of improper use of electrical fire broke out in a paint spray booth area of the production association "GOMSELMASH." Rescuers evacuated 15 people from the premises. By the way, like a fire in the shop lyakafarbavalnym "Gomselmash" happened in January 2008.

In the joint-stock company "Gomeldrev" in connection with an explosion at a furniture factory in Pinsk, a special commission to examine the beginning of all flammable shop.

The representative of the Commission began to tell:

"Fire-technical Commission is conducting a survey ventilation systems located in hazardous areas. While no serious violations were found. When you found something essential stop production at all and we will fix."

Fire zones in the "Gomeldreve" There are about a half dozen. Complete their survey is planned by the end of the week.

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