Who is Mr.Putin?

Putin — nationalists?"Russian is the state-forming nation — by the presence of Russia. Great Russian mission — to unite, bind civilization. Language, culture, the "world responsiveness", as defined by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian bond Armenians Russian Azerbaijani, Russian Germans, Russian Tatars … " 
January 23, 2012   Article by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"

Well, … to add or subtract … 
Typical modern "Russian" nationalist. 
Chairman of the State Government's pretty funny to get arguments about the "state-forming" nation, while the Constitution of the State, given a slightly different definition. :) 

Although, frankly, the editors did not intend to review and comment on Vladimir opus — everything he writes (if he writes, of course) to read or comment on just does not make sense — it's all very banal arguments rather illiterate layman and does not have no sense either for the country or for further action by the authorities, nor for the "choice" of the Mr. Putin. 
35% in the election Putin score on old women and illiterate edarasah, and the rest is the same "will be announced." 
All of his works — the "fog over a carpet" and nothing more. MS. 

However, some of this writings, it seems, still hooked. 
Began to receive feedback and comments from our readers. The most "ideological" advanced of these, we present to your attention. 
As is, spelling, punctuation, and even print — without proof, as usual. 

"I'm not a writer, I'm a reader," but after reading an article by Vladimir Putin's "Russia: The national question" did not leave me feeling cheated out of that and this resulted unprofessional subjective opus:

General impression:

1. "Cool story, but it's hard to believe," it is written forces under whose leadership the past few years continues to be total genocide of the Russian people especially Russian, as the basis of state-va.

2. A lot bukaf to confuse and mislead, Putler again turns like a snake in a frying pan and your and your (my — "Ours" he far or squalid manual), not to mention anything specific, giving promises, well, at right, "the work so … "I understand.

3. I do not see in all this the text of love for the motherland, Russia. The word "homeland" see, and there is no love. Yes, and how she's a "citizen of the world", an "effective manager", which on their territory have become unnecessarily annoy the "cost of production" on the national question, and the card is not bad — you can play. And where he and his like children, where the family, who live mr. putin?

4. Russian — a special superpuperofigenny people, matrix, binder, which is not allowed the right to self-determination. The nation-state — fascist provocation. Counting the economic and social benefits of staying in the Russian Caucasus — a fascist provocation. Any attempt to assert the rights of Russian — Nazi provocation.

Just want to object to Mr. Putler: "The people who does not have a national identity — there is manure, which grow on other nations" (c) PA Stolypin (Killed by a terrorist Jew, and who was the grandfather on? — Ask).

But he knows it, and it is guided by immersing the titular nation in alcohol and drug intoxication, to make it easier for her "grow."

5. Jars deliberately repeatedly warped word "nationalism" in his mouth.

— Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Not to be confused with Nazism

Nationalism (Fr. nationalisme) — The ideology and policy direction, the underlying principle is the thesis of the values of the nation as the highest form of social cohesion and its primacy in the constituent process. Different variety of flows, some of them contradict each other. 
As a political movement, nationalism seeks to protect the interests of the national community in relations with the state.

At its core, nationalism preaches loyalty and devotion to the nation, political independence and work for the good of his people, the association of national identity for the practical protection of the living conditions of the nation, its territory of residence, economic resources, and spiritual values. It is based on national sentiment, which is akin patriotism. 
This ideology seeks to unite the various sectors of society, regardless of the opposing class interests. She was able to mobilize the population for the sake of common political goals during the transition to a capitalist economy.

Due to the fact that many contemporary radical movements emphasize their nationalistic, nationalism is often associated with ethnic, cultural and religious intolerance. Such intolerance condemned supporters of moderate currents of nationalism.

Russian media "nationalism" is often referred to as ethno-nationalism, especially its extreme forms (chauvinism, xenophobia, etc.), which emphasized the superiority of one nation over others. 
Many of the manifestations of extreme ethno-nationalism, including incitement of ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination, apply to international offenses.

"These are for! It turns out the nationalism and patriotism of twins and brothers? And nationalism is not a dirty word! 
And attempts by the authorities to judge people by Article 282. Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the expression of Alexander III, Emperor — "Russia — for Russian and in Russian" — nonsensical and anti-state .. "(with) http://delo4y.ru/slov/00slovrus1.html

6. If you remember, in 2007, Putin signed a decree according to which the quota of foreigners in drug stores, markets and stalls are cleared, many thought it would be cleaned up. But in reality, nothing has been done. How are all over Moscow stalls with Asian and Transcaucasian sellers and stoyat.Kak traded on the New Cherkizon Chinese and Vietnamese traders and traded as Tajiks working illegally on building sites, janitors, porters, etc. and work. Worked as the diaspora and create chaos. It is a pity that some irresponsible citizens all the same will go for this lies.

By the way it is believed that Russian organized crime groups have been at the root of it was cut out for the inadmissibility of "lifting" Russian. All farmed out to others. A "skin" left itself disbanding OCD, so as not to interfere.


7. "For the "failure of the multicultural project" stands the crisis of the model of "national states" — states that historically had been built solely on the basis of ethnic identity. "

What is the crisis of the model of the "national state-va? I do not understand.

8. "Suffice it to say that ethnic Ukrainians live in the area from the Carpathians to Kamchatka. As ethnic Tatars, Jews, Belarusians …"

There may be more abo
ut "ethnic Ukrainians?" And especially about the "ethnic Jews" here (but it's okay, that's a separate issue).

At the same time, "But who says in Slavonic in Russia: clearing drevlyans, Novgorod, Polotsk, Dregoviches northerners buzhane …"

All of this paragraph continues to split the Slavic peoples (Ukrainians, Belarusians), severely limiting and minimizing the area of residence of the Slavs.

9. "I am deeply convinced (Something that Dima zagotovochka such), attempts to preach the idea of building a Russian 'national' mono-ethnic state contradict our entire millennium of history. Moreover, it is the shortest path to the destruction of the Russian people and Russian statehood. "

And Russia is mono-ethnic country from which side you look at it:

— 90% self-aware themselves Russian, 85% one way or another are on the last census (in spite of your efforts), but what a pain in the opera the most itchy, it (splinter) does not increase. In th. republics in the Soviet Union's collapse was less nat. population than is now in Russian Russian, for example Lithuania, etc. and they became national state-by you;

— and how to claim notice — Russian nationality rather not even in the ordinary sense of the word, but something more — self-awareness, self-awareness and self-identification with the human qualities, and whether there is at least someone, if, for example, Dostoevsky close — come in, you will be Russian . That is, "Single cultural code"-" Then we agree, say Serge. "

Special thanks for "Russian and other peoples' deflection is not scored, taking into account "nezaslug" and given a short article. It has to fit in at least the constitution.

10. "When people start to shout, "Stop feeding the Caucasus" — wait for tomorrow will inevitably follow the call: "Stop feeding Siberia, the Far East, the Urals, the Volga, Moscow …"


"Russia — a single, indivisible and sovereign state. The Constitution and Legislation which operate in all areas and to all citizens without exception. 
Russian — the literal nation of Russia.


Either there is a country Russia, a member of both the subject of the Russian Federation, 
or is Russia, but then it is not a federation.


Without going into the details of hateful relations and communication with the indigenous peoples of Russia "the children of the mountains," the question is formulated clearly enough, after responding to the Russian question. 

If Russia is one of the peer countries of the Federation — the grandeur of the Caucasus will be determined in the course of international public relations. 
If it RUSSIA Russia, the Caucasus, the situation will be determined by the Constitution and the Criminal Code of Russia. 

By the way, the politicians and journalists who regularly shout that "Caucasians" are citizens of our country — please answer the question — Citizenship defined by the presence of a passport or a voluntary commitment to enforce the laws of the country and work for its benefit? "(C) http://delo4y.ru/slov/00slovrus2.html

And I was on the "Russian March" in Moscow, saw who shout the slogan, guess why the "allowed" it is this, rather why other banned …

11. Dostoevsky dragged knew that the closest Russian heart. Once we remember how Chubais "flattering" comments about Fyodor Mikhailovich in connection with the Russian.

Remember what Dostoyevsky warned, saying who and how to destroy Russia.

"Master of Russia there is only one Russian, so there should always be"
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian writer.
12. "Let's do a survey of our cultural influencers, and form a list of 100 books. "

We are FOR! As to your grandfather, "200 Years Together" Solzhenitsyn will be? Who is going to create a list, Svanidze?

13. "However, the very laws of the State should take into account national and religious. "

The laws state-wa must consider the interests of the people and of the State Island. AP itself lays mines to further collapse. Mono-ethnic Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and remain mono-ethnic, especially if you introduce Sharia, or what they want and what they are when we need them? They still leave, and leave all suck, they close the Turks, not now so in 10 years.

"I believe that in the federal government should create a special structure responsible for issues of national development, international well-being, the interaction of ethnic groups"

Divides itself by all nationalities, and why? UK etc. not enough. What are the issues it will address? That someone does not want to live under the laws of the country that "all are equal, but some are more equal"? …

"In its deliberations and to directly involve national, voluntary associations"

I do not understand Russian, binder — epoxy floor did not give …

14. "No one should have the slightest temptation to "push power" to certain solutions by pogroms. Our law enforcement agencies have proven that the suppression of these attempts they manage quickly and clearly."FUNNY …

15. "I am convinced that the state and society should welcome and support the work of Russia's traditional religions in education and education in the social sphere, in the Armed Forces"

Well, well, another "bomb" aimed at the collapse, and in relation to the army — already scary to imagine anything other than Orthodoxy.
16. "Everywhere aggravated reaction to the lack of justice for the irresponsibility and inaction of some representatives of the state and lack of faith in equality before the law and the certainty of punishment for a criminal conviction that all purchased and there is no truth "

You, Mr. P., will break yourself what you have built? Its vertical and its mafia system of government? 
17. Visas with Central Asia will be introduced, the border, for example, Tajikistan will not be closed, "kolis" Russia …

18. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, "without Russian will not be Russian," I understand that to this you and strive, because you and your employers and brothers on transnational capital is easier to fish in troubled waters, "divide and conquer" … We all realized Thank you very much doubt in your attitude to Russian to Russia, and your own supplies left.

IMHO: Article No.: false, hypocrisy, ideological emptiness, maneuvers before the election, further Russian mining and passing the buck with Comrade. Shelomova-Pancake-fishing season on the other.

It has one major GDP "herd" on, as now they say, "conceptual level": it does not matter what it offers, as He had 12 years to implement this. The following conclusions: either he again wants to deceive Russia, or he is impotent as management and Dames, then all the more so we do not hath need. So look for something in his "blizzard" is meaningless priori.

Although there is a third option: the grandfather (he is already a grandfather) started sclerosis, and he forgot that already was in power …

Editor in Chief, Ph.D. Maria Lopuchin 
   chief economics comme
ntator, Ph.D. Sergey Culina
   Head of news, economic analyst Vitaly Gordon 
   Head of Logistics Victor Brel 
   Str. Chertanovskaya on 33/7 


I will try to contact the website — www delo4y ru and invite them to comment because the website has helped me once … 

So here is this site sdelanounas ru is also very good 

And your creators — both do not like America. 

Question … brewing ….. 

Why such differences??? This is really a problem ….

It scares me ….. ! Especially the word "collapse", "Russian genocide" well, etc. 

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