Who — with a whip, and to whom — and a carrot

A sign of the upcoming elections: the power of seeking funds to increase wages and pensions. In many areas, people noticed that lately officials have considerably changed attitude to the requests and complaints, seek to show that the long-standing and solve new problems. Such cases today informed correspondents of "Freedom."

Grodno region

Sample for sale

The Grodno region before elections give pensioners a lump sum, those who live in the dorm, promise to improve housing conditions.

The plant in Beryozovka, where in recent times due to low wages began to retire highly skilled workers, posted an announcement that soon everyone will get a prize of 140 thousand rubles. Factory worker says:

Mr."People all have long understood that this is done on the eve of the election, and no one here is not particularly buy into these cheap toys. But given and given that — refuse? People understand what's what."

In the border with Lithuania Astravets district authorities boast that Lukashenko thanks everyone will soon be no obstacles to visit Vilnius.

Says Ostrovetskiy activist Ivan Kruk:


"We have been talking about it in a loud voice, saying to people, look, as head of the country cares about us, that we have freely traveled to Vilnius. Here, they say, will pay 20 euros — and the five years it will be possible to drive. This achievement is very exaggerated vertical in our area. "

In the words of Ivan Kruk, many perceive it as a great blessing. However, we often hear from people as well: why do we have 16 years can not go anywhere?

In Slonim those who support the current president in elections, ideological promise tangible benefits in the future. Here is what a resident of Slonim.

Man: "In the dorms worsted factory promised the people blocks, subscribing and vote for Lukashenko. For example, people live in one room, and they will be given an entire block. In trade and gardens, on the contrary, zastrashvali — if you do not sign up will deprive the contract."

Mostovskih ideologues began to work as soon as the elections announced. The local lord says that the chief ideologist of the area personally walked through the apartment buildings and interested in people — who have complaints. After doing this road, the glass window.

Now, retirees have begun to pay a lump sum at the enterprises where they used to work. However, not at all.

Man: "People have different ways to relate to this. As they say love is evil, fall in love and happy … Some authorities such handouts, and some openly say that this is all just before the election, and then everything will fall into place."

Vitebsk Region

"Local authorities are trying to show" concern for people "

In recent issues of Vitebsk state newspapers began to write profusely about the improvement of the city. Then say that the bridge at the Pushkin put sculptures of lions, which should add to this place malyavnichastsi, the report on the early construction of a new cultural and business center of the amphitheater in front of the Summer, the efforts of the public services that support the city clean.

Even the opening of the new bus station was an event for an editorial in the newspaper "Vitbichi": that City Council fulfilled the request of residents of the neighborhood "South-7."

Raisa Zarachanskaya, which balyatavalasya in the district in the local elections, and now collects signatures for nomination of Ales Mikhalevich, believes that public media are trying to bribe voters — to create the illusion of how the current government cares about the people:

Warn at work to for anyone except Lukashenko did not give a signature. And these retirees intimidated …

"One to me and said," Here! As for us in Vitebsk so neatly! And yet, and retirement pay! "Some seniors say," Well, that's also added more! "I asked:" And what did you buy that add? Are there many? "-" No, — they say — but anyway. And we do not war! "" Good heavens! — I say. — When the war was that? Who do we want? "Many people are frightened. Some say that" we have already voted for Lukashenko, "that no more signatures will not give. Warned at work to for anyone except Lukashenko did not give a signature. Pensioners and those intimidated. Lot of people are just scared! "

Raisa Zarachanskaya says that he tries to explain to the people: all that you read in the newspapers — this is propaganda, trying to buy your vote for reports that without the elections should be done. As a result of the 6600 residents of his former constituency of Ales Mikhalevich in Raisa Zarachanskay signed by more than a thousand people.

The second collector of signatures, Nina Kovalyov, also notes that the elderly strongly influenced announced an increase to pension from the 1st of November:

Now here, they say, Lukashenko brought to light all the way, and the "new Shushkievich" they do not have "…

"The TV said that padlagodili pensions! And here I was talking with a woman, and she says:" We are afraid that was not the worst! After all, new people — it's always dark. "That's it — someone is afraid to lose them, if by elections do something wrong, people panabrali loans. They are pleased that they have now, it seems that before this was not, compared the situation to the 1990s. then everywhere was difficult, as the Soviet Union collapsed, and they seem to blame Shushkievich. now here, they say, Lukashenko brought to light all the way, and the "new Shushkievich" they do not need. "

A statement to the media, even minor achievements, according to Mrs. Kovalevoj, lead people to prosperity and peace of mind that you can lose.

Just today, the official website of the regional executive committee was reported that in Gorodok district going to liquidate outstanding stock of fertilizers. Although this problem for decades, said a local activist Leonid Gorova:

"For years, we pesticides pollute the environment, but now, on the eve of the presidential election, the news agency reports that the problem will be solved. Besides the direct bribery of voters — the increase of pensions, which was carried out twice, raising salaries to state employees — local authorities are trying to demonstrate" care about People ": begin to solve problems that are not solved for years!"


Authorities concede to non-state union

Mogilev region administration of Bobruisk Joint Stock Company "Belshina" is not against the merger of the factory organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union to the collective agreement. Become a member of her community achieves almost a year. Unionists believe that the administration's position affected the approach of the elections.

The community has already performed a party collective agreement that protects the interests of the ordinary. Without the consent of the community administration now can bring disciplinary proceedings against members of the independent trade union. Since the tariff agreement was saved twice from the penalty chairman of the community Michael Vstsinovicha.

To become a member of the collective agreement, Ustsinovich administration has already sent the required documents.

"In my fir
st reply, they wrote that after the submission of documents confirming the legal status of your organization, we are ready to engage in dialogue with you. This, of course, is connected with the elections." And the fact that the collective agreement has earned — this, of course, is related to the elections. Need to see what we are good and hold on the law and collective agreement is executed and canceled orders. Of course, this is due to the election. "

In the administration "Belshina" have confirmed that they are willing to consider the possibility of participation of the community of independent trade union in the collective agreement. The main ideologue of the company Alexander Kozlov disagrees, however, with the fact that it changed the attitude of the leadership election of the enterprise to the independent trade union.

"They sent the documents, and we will consider them and inviting. They no one stops to join our collective agreement. We have one of the most comprehensive and intensive of collective bargaining, which is practically on all sides protects the workers of the enterprise."

Michael Ustsinovich doubt that the independent trade union becomes a full member of the social partnership with the administration, as soon as the election is over, and the problem of insecurity of workers will remain. One of them — the denial of workers' allowances for professional skill:

"Here, ninety percent of the workers are punished under this paragraph. Yet they do not understand. Anyone union negotiates a punishment, and it is a decent amount of money. Once we define the collective agreement, then get down to this position."

Department of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union "Belshina" last year registered in the hotel — outside the enterprise that employed all three dozen of its members. In the enterprise space for the union was not found.



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