Why did the police do not chase the white-red-white flags?

Students discuss the election campaign, raising food prices and offer their suggestions.

Our listener Alexander Lapitsky from Borisov believes that potential candidates for the presidency must urgently respond to the statements of the head of the country, which is also participating in the elections.

"A sincere confession, surprising. Presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko is not right to say that all the candidates will be registered for the presidency of the country, which will collect the required number of votes. Such a declaration shall have the right to make the CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina.

And if such a statement makes a candidate for president, then it means that it controls the central election commission, and as its leader, he does not hurt himself during the vote counting. That's us know the results of the elections of presidential candidate Alexander G.. "

Our constant listener Tatiana Barrel of Asipovichy expressed her opinion about the presidential campaign:

"That seems to me very interesting, why not withdrawn from the race, Mr. Nekljaev for violation of election laws, why now is such an easy opportunity to collect signatures, why until you are riding for white-red-white flags? Maybe really want people to come to election?, in turn, why candidates are not removed after a policeman Kozlov evidence of election fraud, why can not present a single candidate? Maybe because weak? With high personal ambitions? And not with the thoughts and actions in favor of Belarus? "

Politician Vintsuk Vyachorka commented calls listeners:

"The strength of the democratic community at such — in its unity. Therefore was everything to ruin, starting in 2007-2008, at that time the only real combat-ready coalition — the United Democratic Forces.

No new coalitions instead of her or next to her and has not arisen. The inability of applicants to join possible testify before a little about their responsibility for the future of the country.

Speaking of saying Lukashenko that he gave the order to register all, it proves once again that all the previous campaign, collecting signatures and relative outlaws during the signature collection has nothing to do will have neither the registration of candidates, even more so with the counting of votes.

Everything is controlled by the executive branch, as clearly said Alexander Lukashenko.

However, the hope for a joint solution candidates in candidate set stringent requirements is not necessary. Among them will now not one, but several Gajdukevich, and we may never know who actually collected 100,000 signatures, and who has not collected among these newly-minted Gajdukevich. "

Prices in Belarus stores are constantly rising, and students speak out on this issue. Our listener, once listened to conversations in the store, called for "Freedom":

"There was a witness in a fairly wealthy state grocery store woman expressed. A buyer, apparently. Nearby were other buyers, saleswoman. Says:" Prices have increased so that in Russia are not exported our products, as in Russia everything is expensive " . Was she so convinced or not, but calmly expressed that thought, it's not a provocation public election.

Interestingly, in Europe, opened the border between the two countries, but there are not screaming that the products take out the villains. Maybe something I did not understand, I am not an economist, but we are not too expensive to pay for the enormous good fortune to be one nation? In Russia also reproaches about the price for Belarus — enable Beldyarzhradye, will not have long to wait. On whatever topic they spoke, still goes to the endless talk about the union state. Just a joyful prayer, woeful cry. "

Bell says politician Ivashkevich:

"Today, all countries are happy when someone buys their products and export. EU draws up even at the border tax refunds to buyers to make people more were taken.

Therefore, if exported our goods to Russia, it would be super. This would allow our industry to earn money. And the prices are rising not because Russian export, but because the printing press is running. Printed blank paper that is not backed any goods or currency. Therefore, prices are rising. Now more than before the election will raise pensions and salaries are ungrounded, the more prices will rise. "

And one more call our listener:

"On Belarusian TV channels are reporting about the fight for the queen Belarusian fields — the potato. Way," potatoes "- a German word. But the" potato "- the exact name for our Belarusian fields. A television commercial for a children's Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Minsk boys running around with stickers, naleplivayuts them everywhere, and finally the climax — the last label on the monument to Maxim Gorky in the same park. Why not a monument to our fellow countryman poet Maxim Bogdanovich, who was born here, and bitter somewhere in the Russian Volga? short , the independence of all the native. "

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