Win NATO battle for Central Asia will help military base in Osh

Modern laws they say that if to one or another country in the United States of America shows real enthusiasm, as it "suddenly" can be got terrorists of all stripes. With all of this "terrorist issue" Washington and often uses in order to strengthen its military presence in that or in any other region. If That is the law takes place, it becomes clear cause severe activation of the Islamists in the areas of Kyrgyzstan.

Win NATO battle for Central Asia will help military base in Osh

Kyrgyz media report to that in the Chui region and the capital counterterrorism units took part in a series of operations, the main aim of which was to identify the bandit group. The operations must be recognized crowned success. According to their results have been prevented terrorist attacks were planned on the ground Kyrgyzstan.

Press service of the State Committee of National Security of the country reports that security forces in Kyrgyzstan detained a group consisting of 5 members. On the flats in which the detainees lived, investigators found an arsenal of tools: the improvised explosive devices, hand grenades, fire gun, thousands of rounds of ammunition. In addition the apartments have been inundated with extremist literature, which in the last few months almost inundated the town of Kyrgyzstan, particularly Bishkek and Osh.

After the initial interrogations, the detainees have announced that the arsenal of guns and explosives had to be used to carry out terrorist attacks against local government agencies and law enforcement agencies of the country. With all of this, after analysis of printed materials of extremist disposition revealed that an overwhelming percentage of this specific literature calling people of Kyrgyzstan to fight against the government and representatives of the government, it was probably in one of the states of the Arabian Peninsula. It turns out that the arrested terrorists were only pawns in a big game, behind which there are far more impressive force. This means that the terrain of Kyrgyzstan detained 5 people — is far not the only terrorist group, ready to go at destabilizing the situation. And so the thread of control from the hands of law enforcement officers can not be let out.

But if so, why, it would seem to have calmed down quite recently the situation in Kyrgyzstan has again started to come down to the alarm option? After all, if not concerted actions Kyrgyz security forces, the series of terrorist attacks would be inevitable, which would lead to new unrest in the Central Asian country. And Kyrgyzstan is probably the best property where neighbors know what the chain of mass hysteria, as a result of which shifted political favorites, and which lead to the recent disorder and political chaos.

On this occasion, expressed the subsequent outlook. Sudden intensification of the terrorist underground in Kyrgyzstan due to the fact that the current President Atambayev stubbornly claims that in 2014, the last Yankees will have to leave the base at Manas. Kyrgyz President attributes this to the fact that South American troops will leave Afghanistan in 2014, specifically (at least, this provides a valid U.S. President Barack Obama), and therefore the base "Manas", according to the views of the Kyrgyz political leader, the United States is no longer useful. Well — all completely reasonable. But the Yankees such statements Atambayev's obviously not impressive. After the loss of the 1st of the main outposts in Central Asia to Washington's plans apparently never sets. And if does not go, the South American creators are willing to offer a new scenario for how to maintain the integrity of its base in the Kyrgyzstan.

The situation with the terrorist threat — an old and experienced stroke. Of course, that is now in the various regions of Kyrgyzstan may manifest terrorist activity that is born with the help of the 1st of the main global "democratizers." Washington creatives task consists in the fact, that to realize Alamazbeku Atambayev "all risk" situation. They say, look the same, sir Atambayev as breed terrorists and extremists in your country, and you still want to tell the American base, "Goodbye!" Is Well so do the small republics favorites … In that case, you can in fact be its president and chair of losing as it happened with the previous Kyrgyz favorites against the new movement demokratizatorskoy machine.

Of course, that Atambayev himself is aware of the seriousness of the situation. This is the current situation, more or less, under control, as the U.S. is busy with his political neuvvyazkami. But as the South American people "own" make a choice to begin a series of brand new movie about the main world "defender", searching for someone to protect against such an epic monsters, as generated by the U.S. itself "Al Qaeda," "Taliban" and others. Kyrgyzstan And in this case — a target that can fully become one of the main in the region. Of course! Indeed, the presence of strong U.S. base in the country will allow NATO to monitor the borders of their own situation, the main geopolitical "partners" — the Russian Federation and China immediately.

By the way, in this context, looks very noticeable recent inspection NATO CSTO military air base in the Kyrgyz Kant. At the base of the terrain was attended by representatives of Canada, the Czech Republic and Estonia. Arriving said that doing the work of the Vienna agreement on confidence-building and security of the OSCE. According to the agreement, between the countries of the OSCE, should undergo a process of mutual control in the military and military-technical sphere.

Estonian, Canadian and Czech soldiers with great zeal began to check the CSTO framework, identifying its precise staffing and then the status of each of the Kant military personnel (contractors or conscripts). Interested in the views they operated machinery and equipment Kyrgyz percentage of production. "Inspectors" decided to find out even that is not safe is not a holiday for Russian troops in Kyrgyzstan, because the state of the radiation background at Lake Issyk-Kul, in opinion, representatives of NATO, is alarming. In other words, Colonel Yakovlev (the acting commander of the base) have hinted that the very presence of the military in Russian Kyrgyzstan dangerous — say, radiation, and so on …

However, the command of the CSTO base if read frankly, could send guests back home, and not to lead them a cordial conversation, after the Vienna Agreement concerning individual states that make up the OSCE, but not military units. A visiting committee was focused on the orders of NATO's control, which in itself does not match shaped as letters of agreements reached in 1990. Not enough, and inspected the objects are not certain countries (the Russian Federation), and also block — CSTO …

Such a move clearly states that the West has to Kyrgyzstan is real enthusiasm, and he recently is all carefully implemented. If so, then it's time to look for counter-arguments, in order to Kyrgyzstan is not an area from which you wish to make a regular base for solutions of their own "democratic" narrowly focused interests.

And it seems that such counterarguments in varying degrees, begin to appear. Namely, according to the newspaper "MK-Asia" in the Kyrgyz town of Osh may seem CSTO military base. If confirmed, the database can play a rigorous role to stabilize the situation in
the republic. In the presence of the military base (CSTO RRF) is the least likely to manifest itself in a desire to use external forces the southern region of the country, and of Kyrgyzstan as a whole, as a new hotbed of terrorist activity in the region. Not a lot of official Bishkek in this case may have openly declare to Washington that the services of the U.S. Army after 2014 does not require, as a member of the Organization of the Collective Security Contract, and is able to cope with at least some of the terrorist threat emanating both from outside and from the inside (although domestic terrorism without external support in the modern world hard to imagine yourself).

The presence of Osh base will allow to interact with the 201st Russian military base, located on the territory of Tajikistan, and the very base of 201-I will not be a distant enclave. Not a lot, having a base of RRF in Osh — this is a good deterrent for the flow of guns, which can pour a river in Central Asia after the possible withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
If the military base in Osh, indeed appear, not so long ago written off the debt of Kyrgyzstan by Russia will be more than justified. Protecting the southern borders in today's geopolitical situation — the question is very severe.

In general, most of the battle for Central Asia is just beginning …

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