Woodlands — a special world

The village society Bobrovichi — on the edge of the world. After all, broken gravel road leading here from the regional center for Bobrovich not lead anywhere. Behind the village, splashing one of the most beautiful and cleanest lakes Polesje. Thank God, the lake has not been the object of pilgrimage town guests. And the neighborhood Bobrovichskoe lake has not turned into a garbage dump. As for the legendary Svitjaz. But, judging by some of the capital buildings, the beauty of these places have already evaluated some of the non-poor citizens. The old that was on the deserted street, with hope in his voice asked me a question.

The old"And what is your car worth?"

Reporter"My car is."

The old"What you are taking, whether the berries?"

Reporter"I do not accept berries, unfortunately. I write. "

The old"Do not give fish to fishermen. However, the fishermen were caught, were recruited. Now is not allowed. And we have no work. Although the fishermen were. "

Reporter"And it's a hard blow?"

The old"Of course. The works are not. And the older son or daughter lives. The collective farm scattered. People parazyazhzhalisya. Populated by strangers. Summer residents. "

Young men of working age in the village there are about a dozen. One of them, forty-year-Sergei, can not get used to the idea that the lake is half the fish net. As it was before. For advice.

Sergei"Do not give. A boat rounded up to where people do not live. To the farm. Terminate the chain of violence. We live on the lake — the fish can not see. Go to the bait sit. And what with the fishing rod? We are not allowed to catch the networks. We, the locals when we sit with the fishing rod? Somehow we have to eat fish? We need to cut hay, orchards, farm. If we sit with this rod? "

We need to cut hay, orchards, farm. If we sit with this rod?

Sergei"The collective farm have died. Destroyed the farm. Farm destroyed, taken away. The work is gone. Not in a nearby village, not in us. "

Reporter"And where do you live?"

Sergei"As you wish, and live. I go the whole summer, cranberry collect. "

Reporter"You gather cranberries? .. "

Sergei"To live. It is necessary to swim five miles across the lake in all weathers to collect cranberries. On his wooden boat. "

By the way, for the season on Sergei cranberries earns more than a million rubles a month. But back to the fish. A few years ago, measures against poaching became very hard. Not long ago, one fisherman Gomel was awarded a penalty of 17 million rubles. For five and a half pounds of fish caught during the spawning season. And these penalties are not rare. As there are rare and suicides. After all, try to pay the million fine for our well-being. I happened to talk to the bailiff, who were returning from the lake after his difficult life. At servants of the law a reason.

Inspector"First abiletstsesya — and catch, no questions no one calls."

Reporter"And before you could catch nets …"

Inspector"So you can now, while we're here. Helping you get. And get it, and count."

Reporter"Only for advice fine was 20 rubles, and now — ten million."

Inspector"It depends on how much catch. One must always catch a lot. "

Reporter"Pitched his farm. Young peasants no work. They have lived with this fish. After a wild fines imposed. And what do they do? Spivatstsa. Right? "

Inspector"You can catch and fishing rod to eat themselves. Every day, five kilogram catch. They all live close by. Went caught five pounds. Took home — again and catch five pounds. But do not want to. And sit, catch 10, 15 pounds. "

Before entering the village, on a hill, stands the unfinished church. The idea to build a temple belongs Bobrovichskoe resident, immigrants from Russia, Benjamin Bychkovskiy. Benjamin was born in Ufa. By profession he is an instructor of tourism. It's smart, strong, bearded romantic. Benjamin lot where he lived and traveled. But to attain the age returned to the land of their ancestors. His grandparents are from Polessye.

Reporter"This is you build?"

Benjamin"Dean helps. But the idea was mine. It is difficult to work on. The Dean, the father of Gregory Ivatsevichy, gives me time to time workers. Here was a unique person. Before the war he served. However, the Uniate Church was. But it is not pleaded his services. Boleslav Pachopka. This is not only a priest. This is a poet, writer and publicist. But for some reason about it, here and in Poland is very modest. About him, I gather. "

A man from Ufa hard to understand why almost revered name Boleslav Pachopki. Uniate priest, associate Adam Stankevich, author of the first "Nasha Niva", the man who developed the Belarusian Latin. Yes, that's because of the above listed and valued.

Benjamin"Woodlands — the whole world. The more I study of Woodland starasvetchynu, the more I realize that this is my world. That's where I can breathe. And I casually began to build in the memory of people. I want to be remembered, do not forget about the tragedy. And so I bow down to this earth. Which gave me shelter and nourish me now. "

The tragedy, which says Benjamin, occurred in September 1942. The invaders burned the village. Old church burned down, all 164 homes. She was killed during the action 676 inhabitants. But not all were killed. Olga Petrukovich lucky to survive. Listen to her story is very easy.

Olga"Herded to burn. To clean it. To not go disease. A man lying in the wind and rots. The air is not so. A burned — and burned. That's how they smoked. A what? For what? "

Reporter"And you escaped?"

Olga"Even I did not expect them. Barn lit, I fell down. And who was wounded there. And the kids. The children were not beaten. Crawling on mothers and cry. "

In this massacre Olga saved by the fact that the bullet did not pass her executioner. Bloodthirsty, littered with dead villagers, Olga lay before dark. Then to go to a partisan forest.

Olga"Right in the back of his head beaten. Another would be to hear — and in the throat. How lucky was a bullet near the throat. Gave a bounce and came out of the back of the head. I'm in the blood. And I fall shattered. And I'm still alive. Cried snoring. And then it became quiet. Do not smoke. Hands pinching. Float was covered in blood. "

There was an old and at the tribunal, which was held in Minsk after the victory.

Olga"I was in Minsk on the court. Military tribunal. There learned Germans. And the people — all gathered Belarus. From each village. And the Germans as a judge — that the guerrillas were tied to horses and people persecuted? What a peacefu
l people smoking? Yes, kids, and women? They say — as we entered the village, the people we met with axes. The entire hall, all the people with one voice. Who? They put the tables! Bread. Sol. Vodka and flowers. Power! "

Now the old peasant woman can not watch TV. She, who had seen the death of a real, unbearable to watch, even for sham death.

Olga"The show on television, I exclude it. Sometime about the collective, about the plants. And now — as cuts, beats, strangles, shoots. "

Reporter"You can not watch this?"

Olga"No.. How is this so? "

Benjamin Bychkovskiy unique collection starasvetchyny. In his museum pupils come from the surrounding villages. And here is something to see. How wonderfully preserved old accordion. As finely inlaid with old syamistrunnaya guitar. But most of all I was amazed buggy century ago on forged wheels.

Benjamin"The uniqueness of this museum is that 98 per cent — the local stuff."

Reporter"What's that? Baby stroller? I thought that this is a purely urban thing. "

Benjamin"No.. Of course, it's well-being. After all forged. Here from all over the world went to study ethnographers Polessie. After all, this is a completely separate culture. The people unique. After all, to live in those conditions … Isolated wetlands, but they fully lived. Here's a look at this spinning wheel. What is it unusual? Stand as a violin cut. This is how you have to be a peasant! Thus, traditionally. But he carved violin. And here puts their world. Or blacksmith work. What did not make the blacksmith! But he may do such work. "

Forged fine flower of Bobrovichskoe blacksmith and stand as a violin clearly speak of a rich emotional world of the local folk. Who lived not only by bread alone.

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