Wreath memory. Paul Marinkina

Society in 1983, graduated from the history department of BSU. He worked at the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

With 1994 — the new head of the Department of History of Belarus ancient times and the Middle Ages at BSU.

Studied the problem of public-political life of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, wrote a number of works on the agrarian history of Belarus.

Published from 1982 in Belarus, Russia, Poland and Germany.

One of the authors, editors and compilers of textbooks, scientific journals and monographs on the history.

Paul Marinkina taught in the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum named after Yakub Kolas.

About Nimble Paul says perakladyk Lavon Barshcheuski:

"Paul Marinkina was one of our prominent historians, who is not only a good command of their industry (history of the Middle Ages and early modern times), but also was a man of very good teaching abilities.

When he taught in the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum, it was one of the most favorite teachers, for the students to surveys we conducted.

Always with him, and it was interesting to students and adults. It is a pity that Paul did not finish what he wanted to do. Actually written a doctoral thesis. I would like to have the matter continued our historians. It must be said that the history textbook for grade 7 — best of all the history books after the declaration of independence of Belarus. It will remain so. It is unfortunate that died such a talented person. "

Paul Marinkina worked at the Institute of history, when the director was Michael Kostiuk, member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

"This is a great loss. Outstanding, obsessed — all, of course, correct. Dedicated to his work, a great expert on the Middle Ages. He knew his job, he loved her. Working at the Institute of History, he did much to develop this area in 90 years.

As a result, life circumstances had to go to work at the university and there is also manifested itself. His interests were wide, but he was focused on the Middle Ages, on this very rich layer of history. The loss of a sensitive, highly sensitive, is the loss of her howling, how great. "

Historian, member of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, one of the authors of the draft constitution of the independent Belarus Valentin Golubev was a friend of Paul Marinkina and worked with him.

"Paul Marinkina hails from a prominent family of the Belarusian Marinkina who have done a lot for the development of Belarusian culture, Belarusian science and culture. We went to the same graduate school, together wrote monographs, participated together in the first democratic elections in 90 years.

Paul was my boss at the Academy of Sciences. I worked as a senior researcher, and he was in charge of XIII-XVIII centuries. Its know how to a nice, pleasant, intelligent man.

He left school. His work — this is a great contribution to Belarusian historiography. For example, a candidate's monograph "Pryvatnavlasnitskiya peasants in Belarus", "Evolution of feudal rent XVI-XVIII centuries." Monograph future doctoral thesis "Know Belarusian lands in the political life of the Commonwealth the second half of the sixteenth and the first third of the XVII century." This is the time that we have little studied.

If Paul had his PhD, it would be very important and very good. "

Not so long ago, my father died of Paul Loikaw, philologist Oleg Marinkina. Paul's daughter Nadezhda left, who lives in Poland, as well as the son of Oleg, who is studying at the State University of Baku in the magistracy.

Farewell to Paul Marinkina held on Sunday at Odoevskogo 81-31.



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