WTO — a gift or a curse?

WTO - a gift or a curse?It has been over 17 years since the time when Our homeland trying to join the World Trading Company (WTO). Only now managed to get closer to the goal at a very close distance. This situation scares the good government of the upper half, as in future trade agreements is not only its advantages, and the huge number of disadvantages, which can cause irreparable damage to the economy of our country.

Globalization — is well-oiled like a clock, an irreversible process, and to avoid unrealistic. The most important thing in such a situation to dictate the terms on power than with the passage of time, forced to take very unprofitable arrangement, well, stupid to turn away from the chance of a joint trade organization, the share of turnover which is 97% of the entire economy of the world. WTO opens the Russian Federation market access of foreign countries, but we should not forget that their own markets will also be available for zabugornogo business.

So what are the benefits carries within itself the accession of Russia to the WTO:

Russian products will have access to export which was previously unavailable due to the huge number of restrictions that apply between the countries.

There will be a reduction of corruption in connection with the tightening of the rules dictated by commercial contract, which in turn will lead to an influx of foreign investment into the country.

Estimated turnover of new professionals will recruit IT-technology for its ability to obtain cheap loans from Western banks. Massive frisky and development of IT-sector will lead to a different kind of innovation in the country.

It is understood that the first years of the WTO will bring more than the expected profit as will be eliminated discrimination in relation to Russian exporters.

Now it is necessary to note some major bad side of this agreement:

With the opening of Zahav in Russia turbulent flow will flood large monopolistic company. There will be a tiny "flutter" of small and medium-sized businesses, then can be safely forgotten about them. Maybe it will be dealt a severe blow to the aircraft industry and agriculture, as the most feeble and less competitive areas of activity. But in the municipal unit has rushed to assure that these industries will have a good support to the country.

It is possible that our homeland will have to take a number of rules in the set that will hold the price adjustment, for example, for fuel on the western patterns that will lead to higher prices for products and services in all regions.

The main objective of the government to find a balance between what "good" and what is "bad." Specifically, the balance will help the country to stay on all global trading platforms and achieve new heights in development.

Now the question of the accession of Russia to the World Trade Company, quite literally, put "an edge." Our homeland — The only country "Big Twenty", which does not have its own consulate in the organization and this is taking into account the steady increase in the economy, even in times of crisis. Do not forget about the 2-fundamental dilemmas that require immediate solutions:

The U.S. Congress can not bring the debate to its logical end on the abolition of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, which prohibits the conduct of free trade between the United States and Russia. It was announced that the amendment will be eliminated within 2-3 months as the irrelevance of the document.

The problem with the production of "crossing the ticket." To join the WTO is required to enlist the support of all member states, because individual countries differ in terms of entry, so entry Kyrgyzstan went on for about 3 years, when China izderzhal on the same target more than 15. It seems that after the defeat in malehankih bolshennom favorite genocide of the Georgian people just decided not to give a voice in support of the Russian Federation, but rather strengthened the anti-Russian sentiment. Our homeland, however, not to be outdone and said about the ability of WTO without Georgia's consent, referring to the basic rules Trade Organization.

There are plenty of other controversial topics for discussion, but they pale against the background of Barack Obama on the benefits of cooperation. The heads of all the countries have long recognized the economic strength and attractiveness of the Russian Federation, but also for our foreign entrepreneur country and for some reason was still "impassable slum" by going to that you can not go back. One gets the impression that the Russian people in the representations zabugornyh investors snoozing in the tree log cabin in the boots in an embrace with a bear. Such stereotypes are naturally funny, but not unreasonable, since Our homeland is just starting to get to his feet, after long years of plunder of public wealth.

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