Yarmoshina will continue to speak on equal terms?


Our listener outraged that the collection of signatures for potential candidates for the presidency ends, but it still has not received a certificate member of the initiative group.

"It's about collecting signatures for presidential candidates. Interesting circumstances. Many members of the initiative group of Gregory Kastusiou still have not received any evidence or subscription lists, and the collection is finished. When I called the coordinator at Brest, then told me that I'm not alone: in the Brest region of 160 people. Interestingly, enter the initiative group I personally asked myself Yanukevich. I think that there is something wrong. "

Gregory Kastusyou

Gregory Kastusyou answers the call listener:

"We have an interesting situation has turned in the Kamenetz district. Certificate issued by the President, and he drove them not. Have written certificate again. Yanukevich was engaged. Again, the evidence is lost.

Or lost, or specifically happened. But we do about this situation are well aware. We treat each person as a fighter. But lost, so what to do. We have some evidence in Minsk lie, they were taken away.

But we recruit the required number. But now we do not understand, that there happened because there is no time for that now. Then we find out the reason and who is wrong. "

The use of administrative resources in collecting signatures for potential presidential candidates, almost every day becomes a topic Audience calls.

People talk about the forced collection of signatures for Lukashenko in enterprises, educational institutions, etc.

Here is one of those calls:

"In the center of the city every day collecting signatures of support Sannikov Neklyaeva, Romanchuk and others. But none of them comes to mind transfer their activities to enterprises and institutions. Why is the Board's representatives during working hours are in state institutions, require the administration lists of employees with passport data and the people who do not have a passport, collect signatures for a certain person. Chiefs fear of penalties, running around and trying to persuade people to sign. But then, we were not born yesterday, also found a way around this trap. Lidiya Yarmoshyna, as before, will talk about freedom of choice. "

Sergei Kalyakin

Politician Sergei Kalyakin comments on this call:

"We fix all these violations, as all are not equal. If the management of enterprises and educational institutions make their employees and to subscribe for Lukashenko and collect signatures for him, in many cases prevent to collect signatures to representatives of the other candidates.

Yarmoshina says that in the dormitories or military units some sort of a routine, as it turned out, there is a law on the election was not valid. In plants the same picture. So it is absolutely not a level playing field, and the listener here is right.

We fix it and try to deal with it. "

Our regular listener suggested "Freedom," a poem:

"Politics — a dirty business —
He spoke to the people more than once.
Sixteen years have flown —
And he stuck to it strongly.

However, for some reason does not want to
Get out of the mud,
Although sometimes people says
What has been swallowed it.

Yes, something ready in the mud
He had to sit out for a long time,
And we, well, of course, we will
On all the samesultry look.

After all, we are tolerant of hard,
One suggestion we would be born:
Let's serve naychesny
Another time we have.

Such is the character we have,
Such is the live blind.
How long do we punish ourselves
Power, we do not believe that. "

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