You go to the civil service — hand over the Polish Charter

Belarusian citizens will have the right to enjoy the benefits and privileges that are given to foreign countries because of their political or religious beliefs and ethnic identity. Such a rule, Interfax reports contained in the bill, the working title of which sounds like "On ensuring the protection of the national interests of the Republic of Belarus".

A source told Interfax from sources in the Ministry of Justice of Belarus in the nearest future the adjustment of some legislative acts, including — "The public service Republic of Belarus"" On Public Associations "," Citizenship ". Need to adopt the draft law officials explain the issue of the Belarusian citizens Card of the Pole.

The official said the Ministry of Justice, "in case a citizen of Belarus — a civil servant who has received a Pole map or a similar document from another foreign country, do not return the bodies of his country that issued it, it will serve as a basis for the termination of his employment agreement."

The representative of the Ministry of Justice referred to the situation of the Polish Law "On the Pole's Card", which, in his opinion, "the burden on the citizens of Belarus, get a map of the Pole's duty to consider the interests of its activities in Poland and Polish Card issuance is dependent on the specific behavior of the citizens about the next country. In turn, the behavior of the Belarusian citizens may adversely affect the national interests of Belarus ", — said the representative of the Ministry.

He stressed that "the rule of law is not called Polish consistent with the principles of international law, such as the principle of sovereign equality and non-interference in home affairs independent state. "

September 7, 2007 the Polish Parliament adopted the Law "On the Pole's Card" which came into force March 31, 2008. Map confirms the identity of ethnic Poles living in the CIS and the Baltic States to the Polish people and to provide them with benefits in visa when visiting Poland, guarantees support in the conduct of business, employment and admission to study in Poland.

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