Zyuganov came to prevent rejection of the Kremlin Belarusian elections?


Tsigankov: In the 90 years Lukashenko often sought to influence the Kremlin, meeting with the leaders of the Russian opposition, as well as governors, who had strained relations with Moscow. Can it be said that the meeting with Zyuganov can somehow influence the position of the Kremlin that Lukashenko has in its lobby for a Russian?

KoktyishNo, of course, it is unlikely to affect the position of the Kremlin. But such a problem and no. The main issue for Lukashenko is the legitimization of his election victory. Zyuganov, there need to be more or less legitimate representative of the Russian establishment, which can confirm that Russia recognize these elections as elections. Need Zyuganov — vnutribelorusskie and it has no relation to the Belarusian influence on the Russian political scene.

Need Zyuganov — vnutribelorusskie.

Tsigankov: Zyuganov in Minsk, said he did not doubt the victory of Lukashenko in the presidential elections in the first round. Can I say that my trip Zyuganov wants to prevent a possible rejection of the Kremlin of election results in Belarus?

KoktyishYes, I think this is the main pragmatist Zyuganov's visit to Belarus. The Communists anyway represent the Russian political community, and nominally have a right to speak on behalf of the community. It is therefore a certain game Zyuganov, so as to earn points in the political field in Russia.

Tsigankov: As far as today hear the voice of Russian Communists in the Russian society? Or find a response to their views, if they are contrary to the views of the leaders of Russia?

Koktyish: The Communists had some chances in the 90's, but have long lost them. Now it is hopelessly marginal party that has no chance of winning. They did not have a chance to seize power over the thoughts of Russians. And not because communism is not relevant — left the idea just might be very strongly demand the Russian population. But specifically, these communists — a very bad idea incarnation of the left, in the opinion of Russian voters. Today the Communist Party still has no chance to move from the periphery to the mainstream of political life.


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