5 per cent of officials in the election commissions — tip of the iceberg

Gomel official media quoted the deputy chairman of the regional committee for the election of President Alexander Usov said that in the 1114 election commissions formed in the region, government employees account for only 5.2 per cent. And can supposedly be, according to the Electoral Code, one-third.

"This is the usual disguise, tip of the iceberg", — said the regional coordinator of the campaign "For Fair Elections" Vladimir Katsora.

The activists have analyzed the composition of some election commissions in Loewe. It turned out that the officials of various ranks first masked "by the public".

For example, in the Soviet district commission number 1 in Loewe only 13 members. First on the list is Valentine Aniskova. He was nominated by the trade union and the boss runs the District Department of Statistics. Svetlana Karnaushenko requires the District Registry Office, and the commission allocated pro-government public association "Belarusian Union of Women." Catherine Kadoshchanka included in the commission of a petition of citizens — it is the music director of the school. Tatiana Laguta, Leading Specialist of Education Executive Committee, the committee — from sectoral regional committee of the union. Gennady Misachenka, Head of the Department of Agriculture Executive Committee, stood out through the signatures of citizens. Tamara Naumenko, director of the regional library, also came to the commission through the collection of signatures. Just specialist of the Executive Committee of Culture Constantine Tuzhikov. At the head of the election commission and the regional organization BRYU Vyacheslav Kozlowski and the head of fizvyhavannya kindergarten-nursery number 1Victoria Cooks.

How much is actually in the interest of officials recruited Commission, it is easy to calculate.

Similarly, by activists of the campaign "For Fair Elections", were formed and tested in the precinct commissions Narovlia.

It seems that 5.2 percent of employees in the commissions — it's just the tip of the iceberg. The main part of it, as in nature — under the dark water.


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