A flock of killer whales freed from ice captivity off the coast of Canada

A flock of whales orca that hit the ice in Hudson Bay captured off the coast of Canada, was able to escape without the intervention of special equipment, the use of which called for local authorities, reports on Thursday, Agence France-Presse.

Earlier it was reported that killer whales are on the verge of death, as ice water opening, through which the animals could pop out of the water and breathe, start delayed by ice. Peter Inakpak Mayor Inukdzhuak Eskimo settlement, next to which are caught up in killer whales, appealed to the Department of Fisheries and Ocean Research Canada to send an icebreaker that can penetrate animal way out to sea.

However, to save animals did not need to resort to a specialized technique. According Inakpaka, two adult whales and nine pups were saved "by Mother Nature."

"The new moon has caused a new trend, which broke fast ice, opening for orcas feed for the open sea," — said the mayor.

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