A.Kvyatkevich: In order to know what was going to happen, she would have gone to the area

Kvyatkevich Elena, mother of Alexander Kvyatkevicha, sentenced to three and a half years maximum security prison, said that to punish young people, if necessary, could be different.

Sous: Or are you hoping for a different verdict?

Kvyatkevich: So, hoping for.

Sous: Why did this happen to your son, do you think?

Kvyatkevich: I do not know. They say one thing, it turns out quite different. I do not know why it happened, I'm not the President … What can you do: apparently, he wanted to put our guys, that's planted.

Sous: Or you have time to talk with your son?

Kvyatkevich: Do not have time, I was not even allowed to approach their cage. I pushed (Crying). He held himself proudly and said, "Mother, do not cry."

Sous: Who are you now support?

Kvyatkevich: Daughter, grandchildren, husband,

Sous: What he wrote from prison?

Kvyatkevich: He writes: "Hold on!" And we are writing: "Hold on!"

Sous: Who do you think is to blame for what happened?

Kvyatkevich: I do not think these guys are guilty of something. They just went and made what they wanted. That is our youth. But it is not necessary to punish them, it was possible and in a different way.

Sous: Do you like to go to the Square?

Kvyatkevich: In order to know what was going to happen, it would have gone … Maybe the son would protect. And the more I do not need anything.

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