A volcanic eruption in Indonesia began Soputan

Volcanic eruption Soputan in northern Indonesian island of Sulawesi began on Sunday morning, the Associated Press reported, citing the head of the agency Volcanological Surono (Surono).

According to him, during the eruption occurred volcanic ash and gases to a height of six kilometers. Volcanologists declared evacuation zone within a radius of 6.5 kilometers from the volcano, but no one was evacuated.

"At the moment, no evacuation was not made, because the nearest town is about five miles from the volcano," — said Surono.

The possible impact of the eruption on flights in the area is not reported.

Soputan (Soputan)-volcano is located 2.16 kilometers to the north-east of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, near the north-eastern tip of. Sulawesi (Minahasa peninsula). Height of 1661 m is a cone with a relative height of 580 meters, located on the more ancient volcanic basement. From 1780 — 42 series of eruptions (the last in 1970-71) as a purely explosive, and with the outpourings of andesitic lavas. In 1906, at the north-eastern foot of the S. side crater was formed, from which the subsequent eruption.
The last time the volcano erupted in 2008.

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