Abnormal areas of the planet. Santa Cruz. Mosquito mange

November 20, 2011 14:10

Remember, the book was described by the Strugatsky brothers rather peculiar anomaly — "Mosquito baldness?" In this zone, the effect was manifested hypergravity. Anyone caught inside her subject was subjected to strong pressure.

To detect it, stalkers before they threw a puck that, once inside, the wild force were stuck in the ground. At the end of the book in this anomaly hit man instantly turned into a wet puddle …

It would be amazing and scary to know that this anomaly actually have on our planet. And it is not far from the town of Santa Cruz, California, USA. It is an amazing place, the existence of which is hard to believe, even after seeing it with my own eyes.

For decades, Santa Cruz rushing crowds wanting to see the reality of the amazing events taking place there, or, as they are called scientists, paranormal phenomena. No one, after a visit to this place is not without its most vivid impressions. This is one of the most amazing places on the planet!

This place was opened in 1939 and is about 150 feet in diameter. Argues that this is the place where the laws of physics and gravity do not apply and show tourists a number of demonstrations in support. In one version of the appearance of this anomaly is that there crashed alien ship, and, in spite of the disaster, antigravs spacecraft continue to operate.

Santa Cruz.  Mosquito mange

On the border of the anomalous zone, on the ground is a two-meter concrete beam. One end of bounds, that is, on a normal area, and the other is located in the area of the mysterious forces. Guides usually accompanies tourists pulls out of the bag a special device by which you can make sure that the beam is horizontal. After that, it offers two comers, about the same height, the number of members of the group to stand on its opposite ends.

And then all those present noticed that the man standing on the end of the beam, which is located in the anomalous zone is as far below his partner. After that, the subjects are reversed, and all repeats: the man who was in the area, it is shorter!

It is noticed that the compass is brought to a clearing, starts behaving very strangely. It correctly shows the compass only meters height, but if you omit lower, right hand starts spinning wildly.

In the eyes of astonished tourists guide puts an interesting experience. In a clearing, with a slope to the center, a wooden trough of about five meters long. If the force to put the chute heavy metal ball, he will do almost half way.

Santa Cruz.  Mosquito mange

In the middle of the ball stops, and then increasing the speed, roll back. As strange behavior in a clearing and non-metallic objects. In the center of a hut built by George Preyzerom, once a week at the end of the day (usually on Tuesdays) for a few seconds, there are conditions that simulate weightlessness. People who find themselves there at the time, suddenly lose their own weight, and can take almost any position in space!

In fact, this area is usually on the planet because of a magnetic anomaly occurring in the earth magnetic ores. The rest of the miracles attributed quite simple — it all an optical illusion. In order to see this in person, check the attached video below.

Continue to be amazed! The world is fraught with many more puzzles!

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