About 60 people were affected by the hurricane in Novorossiysk

About 60 people from the last day go to the hospital Novorossiisk, was injured due to the hurricane, said on Tuesday the press service of the city administration, referring to the city health department.

Difficult weather conditions in Novorossiysk observed since the end of January. Since January 27, the hurricane left without electricity around 100,000 residents. Ball entered emergency mode, which operates in the present. Wind gusts in the city now reach 35 meters per second. Without electricity, there are about 17 thousand people.

"According to the head of the health of the city, the last day we have 57 victims from the weather, ten of them children. People come to the emergency room of hospitals and clinics with fractures and injuries of varying severity," — said in a statement.

In this regard, the administration recommends the move on the ice only in shoes with a solid and moving pads. "It is unacceptable use of alcohol as a person does not feel the freezing threshold, before going out is better to drink hot tea," — said in the media.

At present, according to the administration, a hurricane in the city remains. In the center of Novorossiysk torn billboards, suffered roof. Public transport is transferred to the emergency mode, the streets of the city came out additional units of transport.

Julia Nasulina

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