ACS backup diesel-electric station of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plants in operation vvedina

July 29, 2013

The South Ukrainian nuclear power plant successfully completed the reconstruction and introduction into service of automatic control system backup diesel-electric station (ACS RDES) the third channel safety systems (SB3) unit number 1.

  Comprehensive tests were conducted ACS RDES Commission with the participation of representatives of NAEC, GIYARU and SSTC. The works were completed in the shortest possible time, including due to the large experience of experts Westron obtained during the commissioning of the previous ten sets of ACS RDES at nuclear power plants in Ukraine and Armenia.

In the process of reconstruction was completed replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment control systems for mass-manufactured, LLC "Westron" program-technical complex (PTC) "Vulcan-M-RDES", intended for reconstruction of the control of diesel generators 15D100, SDA-5600, "Sulzer" and other types.

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