After the presidents began to drive ministers

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro has today met with Alyaksandr Lukashenka. November 14-16, will travel to Caracas three Belarusian ministers.

Lukashenko, he met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, confirmed its readiness to develop cooperation with Venezuela and implement the agreements reached during the visit to Minsk in October Hugo Chavez.

In turn The Venezuelan minister said that also came to strengthen the agreements already reached, and from 14 to 16 November will be a visit to Venezuela three Belarusian ministers, during which will be discussed cooperation in the field of industry, agriculture, and construction.

Venesuela Belarus oil sells for a quarter of the price, receiving as compensation respective share in the sale of petroleum products.

U.Chavesa during a visit to Minsk in October of the current contract was signed for the supply to Belarus in 2011-2013. 30 million tonnes of Venezuelan oil. Moreover, was voiced by a memorandum of accession oil fields to a joint venture of JSC "Petrolera BelaVenesalana" as well as the charter of the joint venture "AO" Service BelaVenesalana. "were also signed documents on the construction in Venezuela Social multifamily housing for tens of thousands of apartments.

According to the Venezuelan media, the Venezuelan oil through Ukraine supplied to Belarus, Minsk costs by about 30% cheaper than the market value, that is, 48.5 per barrel, while the average market price is $ 70.

"The benefits of Belarus and Venezuela from these transactions are in parallel with the signed contract on oil supply agreements on cooperation in the oil industry — says economic analyst Stas Ivashkevich. — According to the agreement, the parties create a joint venture for the import of raw materials in Belarus, as well as sales of petroleum products, where 75% owned by Venezuela, and 25% — Belarus. In other words, Venesuela Belarus sells oil for a quarter of the price, receiving as compensation respective share in the sale of petroleum products. And while profit per ton of Minsk imported raw materials from this decrease, but the resulting shipments are certain benefits. In particular, in the negotiations with the transit countries. "


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