AIC Kursk — Works for many, and the results are encouraging,

A little more than three weeks have passed since the moment when the first sowing units took to the field Kursk region. Today the spring field work suitable to the final stage. Kursk region has successfully coped with the sowing of early spring crops and sugar beets, which are sown respectively 358 and 108 000 hectares.

During this period, a large volume of work on the seedbed preparation, fertilizing and harrowing area of winter crops, fertilizer application and other necessary technical measures. Organized and coordinated work of the Kursk farmers, assisting sowing at the optimum time, already yielding results. And if the harvest is still projected, the figures sowing speak for themselves.

The successes achieved in the dairy area. For 4 months produced 112.3 thousand tonnes of milk, which exceeded the level of the corresponding period last year to 7.3 million tonnes (107%). Moreover, it is not just about large livestock complexes, but also on farms and smallholdings. The total increase of the area reached by the 23 districts, but particularly distinguished Bolshesoldatsky, Korenevsky, Glushkovskiy, Cheremisinovsky, Solntsevsky.

Rose, compared with last year, figures and in the production of meat. Over the past 4 months production of livestock and poultry for slaughter in live weight was 37.7 million tons, an increase — 3.8 thousand tons. Particularly successful in this direction work areas such as Zheleznogorskiy, Belovskij, Glushkovskiy, Bolshesoldatsky, Korenevsky, Sudzhansky.

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