Air Force Base in the U.S. failed checks on the use of strategic missiles

14.08.2013 / / 18:45

Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana failed verification of maintenance, security and support functions, Interfax reports. Regular inspection and safety procedures for working with nuclear weapons has set the basis of "unsatisfactory" on the audit.


 Check for Malmstrom Air Force Base held from 5 to 13 August. The inspectors reported that "during the execution of one of several military training tasks made some tactical mistakes." Deputy Head of the Global Impact of the Air Force United States Jim Kowalski said later that "unit failed, not showing the correct procedures."

It should be noted that the base in Montana stored strategic missiles Minuteman. But Jim Kowalski said that the situation is not based on "a risk to the U.S. nuclear arsenal", although it is a "sign of potential vulnerabilities."

This year is already the second time that representatives of the division of the Air Force United States can not pass the test required for nuclear weapons. In May, it was reported that 17 officers in the state of North Dakota have been deprived of certification after the evaluation commission did not pass, according to The Australian.

Earlier, in 2007, became aware of the scandalous incident, when the B-52 bomber flying over the territory of the whole country carrying no training and combat nuclear warheads. They were placed on the plane by mistake. Then, by the results of the investigation was dismissed Minister Michael Wynne and Air Force Chief of Staff of the Air Force Michael Moseley. After that, the U.S. will attempt to tighten control over nuclear weapons in the country.

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