Airport Chelyabinsk is ready to take the biggest passenger liners

The international airport "Chelyabinsk" (part of the JSC "Chelyabinsk Airlines") has been authorized to receive and maintenance of aircraft of type Boeing-747-400 and its modifications, said the airport.

The decree was signed April 10, 2013 the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko.

Capacity Boeing-747-400 — more than 400 passengers, a cruising speed of around 940 km per hour, range — more than 11 thousand km.


The press release also notes that the runway of the international airport "Chelyabinsk", commissioned in 2000, was originally intended for the reception of such aircraft.

Admission was preceded by retooling the airport, spent the last two years. And now the international airport "Chelyabinsk" is among the 16 largest airports in the country, having the opportunity to work with the largest passenger aircraft in the world with a capacity of more than 400 passengers.

The press service of the airport, "Interfax" reported that the implementation of the first flights on the Boeing-747-400 from Chelyabinsk Airport will begin this year.

JSC "Chelyabinsk Airlines" is part of a network of airport project the company "Novaport" (included in AEON Corporation) Roman Trocenko. The Cyprus TS Trans Siberia Co Limited (affiliated with the company "Novaport") owns 92.66% of the ordinary shares of the company.

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