Airport Elizovo: reconstruction continues, is conducted with the fulfillment of the plan

Prior to the completion of the reconstruction of the airport Elizovo in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky less than a year.

The weather conditions will begin full-scale concrete works on the runway only with the advent of May. But now, preparatory work. In particular, the civil aviation equipment temporarily "relocated" to the military half of the airport complex. This will begin to dismantle the passenger platform.


Now, before the start of major works, the airport is Elizovo Foundations for lighting poles. The works on arrangement of fences, radio range navigation system (RSBN), prepared for the installation of a pit tanks for fire-fighting system, is dumping ground taxiway roadbed patrol road. Finished basement transformer substations for the new boiler and the main rescue station. In parallel, the builders started installation of steel structures for future buildings. Not ignored by all necessary maintenance of construction — is supply of inert materials and other goods.

A separate line of work — the creation of acoustic barriers for residential houses located near the airport on ul.Zvezdnaya. In some apartments there were new soundproof windows. For the full scope of work will be mounted plant for the production of windows.
Completion of works at the airport is scheduled for December 2013.

Reconstruction of the airport carries FSUE "the Office Building of roads and airfields at Spetsstroy Russia."

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