Airport Kiev (Juliani) is gaining momentum

International airport "Kiev" (Juliani) has published statistics of its operations for the first 4 months of 2013.
"With the investment of public and private structures, stunning interest of foreign airlines to the airport, and increased quality indicators. This year you can not even try to compare with the previous one. Results — obvious," noted the airport.
During the first 4 months of 2013, the airport had to use the services of more than 450 million passengers is 189% higher than the same period in 2012. The total number of flights reached 10,848, compared to the period last year increased by 118%.
In addition, the Aeroport could carry nearly 110 tons of postal freight.

 Comparative characteristics of passenger traffic in figures is as follows:

  Sіchen-Lyuty-berezen-Kvіtens2013 rіk Sіchen-Lyuty-berezen-Kviten 2012 rіk
Pasazhiropotіk (zagalny) 453927 157003
Pasazhiropotіk (mіzhnarodniy.) 316398 143951


137529 7188
  Sіchen-Lyuty-berezen-Kviten 2013 rіk Sіchen-Lyuty-berezen-Kviten 2012 rіk
Kіlkіst reysіv (zagalom) Prilіt-Vilіt 10848 4966
Kіlkіst reysіv (mіzhnarodnih) Prilіt-Vilіt 5734 2824
Kіlkіst reysіv (vnutrіshnіh) Prilіt-Vilіt 5144 2142

The first quarter of 2013 led to the leaders in the number of flights: Moscow, Milan (Bergamo) and Dortmundt. This is easy to explain. Ukraine is closely linked to Russia as a business, kinship and friendship ties. Dortmund — this is the new direction the company Wizz Air-Ukraine, and thus financially affordable. Well …… Milan Milan — has always attracted tourists with its grandeur and beauty. Simferopol — the business center of the Crimean peninsula. Donetsk — the business capital of the South-East of Ukraine. Odessa — Caledonia. It is not surprising that these three millionth become leaders airline destinations for domestic flights.

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