Airport Sheremetyevo in 2012 served more than 26 million passengers to 90% punctuality of departures

January 22, AEX.RU — International airport "Sheremetyevo" has summed up its operating results for 2012. For the first time in its history, the airport handled 26 million 188 thousand passengers, which is 16.1% more than in 2011, the press service of the airport.

Passenger traffic on international routes (MVL) increased by 18.4% to 17 million 178 thousand passengers, and on domestic routes (DAL) — by 12% to 9,000,000 10 thousand people. In 2012, scheduled and charter air transportation to places of public entertainment from Sheremetyevo Airport increased by 33% to 5 million 215 thousand passengers.

Number of passengers carried in December 2012 increased by 9.3% to 1 million 894 thousand passenger traffic on international flights in December rose by 8.2% and amounted to 1 million 165 thousand passengers, and on domestic flights — by 11.2% to 729 thousand people. Number of VPO in December rose by 3.9% and reached the mark of 18,254 malware.
"The biggest increase of passengers in 2012 was recorded on the flights" Aeroflot "(up 25% to 17 million 656 thousand passengers)," Transaero "(up 70% to 1 million 887 thousand passengers), Nordwind Airlines (growth of 44% to 898 thousand passengers), "DonAvia" (up 49% to 612 thousand passengers), "Orenburg Airlines" (up 3.4 times to 563 thousand passengers), "Nordavia" (up 51.3% to 494 thousand . passengers), Air France (growth of 18% to 457 thousand passengers), CSA Czech Airlines (growth of 14% to 369 thousand passengers), "- also said at the airport.
"Sheremetyevo" in 2012, provided the necessary conditions for the realization of large-scale development plans for the base of "Aeroflot", as evidenced by the 25% increase in traffic to / from the airport to 17 million 656 thousand passengers and a significant expansion of the route network airline. Successful in 2012, the airport was a partnership with the airline "Transaero". The carrier introduced the passengers and tourists a wide choice of routes to places of public entertainment and increased the volume of traffic to / from "Sheremetyevo" by 70% to 1 million 887 thousand passengers, specified in the "Sheremetyevo".
Airport "Sheremetyevo" in 2012, supported the completion of 228,868 runway operations (VPO), which is 8.6% more than last year. In this departure punctuality was 90%, indicating a high efficiency of operations and business processes.
For 2012, the airport "Sheremetyevo" joined the first group of airports on the classification of ACI Europe, serving over 25 million passengers a year, the press service said.

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