Airport trains on students

In the run-up to launch a new passenger terminal building at the international airport "Belgorod" it was decided to test all systems and services in a test mode on domestic routes. According to legend, the 150 volunteers — a role which took the students  NIU "BSU" — had to go through all the stages of the path, which will overcome the daily passengers. Registration for the training was chosen morning flight airline UTair direction of Belgorod and Moscow.

 At the first stage, the volunteers had to pass inspection at the entrance to the airport, breaking the zone metal detector and X-ray introscope. After the audio announcement of the passengers had to check their luggage and receive a boarding pass for the flight. In the future it will be possible to do it on their own — with the help of self-terminals. According to the head of IT and Communications Dmitry Martyniuk device will not only simplify the process of registration, but also reduce the load on the front, followed by service agents will work organizing transportation.

After obtaining a boarding pass passengers were to proceed to the departure area of domestic air lines to wait for the announcement of the landing.

Track flight status along the way passengers will be able to monitor specific information, which are installed in the waiting rooms of the airport.

During the test run, the zone domestic airlines has been verified as the work of the organization of transport services and security, which mainly interact with passengers. Based on the results of testing the airport management will assess the operation of the systems and services of the airline. Eliminating defects will in the shortest possible time to translate domestic flights for a permanent job in the new building.

"Test mode will last about a week, a maximum of 10 days, after which we will be ready to open the doors to its first passengers," — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Gateway Belogoriya", Deputy Prime Minister of the Belgorod region — Head of Construction, Transportation and Housing Nikolai Kalashnikov .

Together with the students and the leadership of the work zone domestic airlines international airport "Belgorod" appreciated the chief architect of the Belgorod region Vitaly Peppers, as well as the head of public roads Constantine Polezhaev.

We remind you that the new building provides bandwidth 450 passengers per hour (300 for domestic flights and 150 — for international).

Photo by T. Kositsin

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